Get yourself a little something nice to support your shooting hobby in 2022. Any of these tactical accessories - or all of them - will do.

1. A mag pouch One mag is never enough if you practice genuine preparedness, but you need a place to keep them stacked. Either a tactical vest with loops for mags or a special attachment for your gun like a side saddle mount that can carry them will work. Either way, you need them on hand.

2. An EDC light One is known and two are one - so even if your pistol or rifle has a weapon-mounted light, you need a backup. Something small and portable, preferably water, dust, and shockproof, is ideal. It should also have sealed internal circuits and offer at least 1000 lumens. Add that to your everyday carry (EDC) kit and get in with it.

3. A stabilizing brace A stabilizing brace can be a really useful piece of tactical gear, whether you need a pistol brace for shooting a handgun offhand or a different type of brace for another platform. Either way, it’ll help improve confidence.

4. Two EDC knives - fixed and folding See above about two and one and whatnot. Carry at least two knives at all times - a fixed blade for more rigorous tasks and a folder for lighter, precision work. You never know what you’ll need to cut out of - specifically if you work in law enforcement or public safety.

5. Extended, assisted mag release This piece of tactical equipment will cut back on the amount of time it takes you to drop a mag and recharge the gun with a new one. It’s useful for training, competition shooting, and self-defense. Plus, you may be able to easily add one to your gun.

6. A glass breaker Many glass breakers can be mounted directly to the muzzle or butt of a firearm - saving you the need to improve on interposing glass and protecting whatever other tactical accessories you’d use from damage.

7. A muzzle brake Muzzle brakes are a lifesaver when it comes to combating muzzle jump - which means you can keep your sites training on target more effectively and make faster, more accurate, more confident follow-up shots.

8. A sling Improve weapon retention and free your hands up in one fell swoop. A sling is a must-have, especially for a rifle or shotgun.

9. A buttstock pad A buttstock pad, like a muzzle brake, mitigates the effects of recoil. Only, in this case, the pad will cut back on felt recoil against your shoulder. Drop both into a gun that can accept them and shooting will be a breeze.

10. An armorer’s tool or wrench An armorer’s wrench or tool will combine several useful features to make working on rifles, pistols, and shotguns easier at home, without requiring you to buy additional special tools or make a trip to the gunsmith. Drop one of these in your range or bench bag and make your own adjustments and repairs.

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