E-learning is no longer the future, it is the present. The E-learning industry grew dramatically in the COVID-19 pandemic as schools and universities shifted to online learning. That is not the only way e-learning platforms have grown, seeing the fall in the economy and the rise of unemployment many individuals began to see the value in enhancing their skills as well as learning new ones. Some of the fields that grew with E-learning are marketing and finance, since more people began to understand that in the digital world, understanding digital marketing trends as well as the stock market is essential if one hopes to start a business or have a passive income. Stock market trading especially grew in common interest after the Reddit Investors incident, and more individuals began to see their financial power amid the masses. With online courses being an exceptional way to learn, many small business owners and young students are leveraging their added hours because of remote working reducing commute time by learning about website creation and SEO. SEO is an incredible course for beginners in the field of marketing, for students hoping to become an SEO Consultant in Dubai, or simply individuals looking to start a business.

Here are 2 of the best courses of SEO that individuals can take for free online

1. HubSpot Academy’s SEO Training Course

HubSpot is a globally recognized platform for all things digital media whether that be content marketing, content scheduling, CRM, or in-depth articles on digital marketing. HubSpot Academy constitutes the same reputation, with industry experts teaching through experience, knowledge, and industry insights, HubSpot provides some of the best free online certification courses. Its SEO Training Course is no different with focus on achieving sustainable organic growth, this is the best course for individuals looking for a cost-effective SEO strategy.

2. Google’s Make Sure Your Customers Find You Online

Learn With Google has been an immensely successful part of Google. With the Google Analytics course being one of the most important and popular courses available online, Learn with Google is known for its technical information and applicable learning material. Since Google is the search engine most individuals and companies want to rank highly on, it is no surprise that it will be one of the best SEO courses available. The Make Sure Your Customers Find You Online course is not solely based on SEO, however the third module does, and it will provide an individual with the basic introduction and important information to start off their SEO journey.There are several other platforms that provide SEO courses such as MOZ, Coursera, among others. However, these two courses particularly stand out due to the ease of access as well as the companies’ reputations in SEO. E-Learning is becoming more and more essential, which is why the funding towards it is also growing. It is easy to find the right E-Learning course and platform for each individual just by searching online and going through the content that will be taught. That way, individuals who already have knowledge on certain aspects of SEO can find the right course for them and not waste time relearning what they already know.