Looking for a new AR or a Glock-style pistol? Supply chain shortages and surging demand are making it harder than it’s ever been to get the firearm you want in a timely manner. If your shop isn’t flooded with orders, good for you – for the rest of us around the country, both guns and ammo are in disappointingly low supply.

Good news: you may be able to make your own gun with an 80% build kit instead, and there are some very good reasons to do so.

First, What Is an 80% Build Kit
Let’s just take it a step back since some shooters aren’t familiar with the term. The “80” in “80% build kit” has to do with the frame or receiver that comes with the kit. When you build a gun from an 80% build kit (typically a pistol or rifle) you’re starting with a frame or receiver that hasn’t been completely milled out and cannot be used to assemble a functioning firearm.

Once you have finished machining a receiver or frame blank, it can be used to assemble a firearm from parts that will also be contained in the 80% build kit. Some complete build kits contain everything you need to finish a firearm; all you need to do is complete the receiver blank and assemble it all.

And, on the note of legality, it depends on state and locality. There are some states in the country that have banned 80% lower receivers and frames, but in much of the country, it remains legal, pursuant to state law and to federal law as proscribed by the ATF.

If you have any questions about the legality of a project, perform your own research and seek legal counsel before proceeding.

Why Use an 80% Build Kit
Now, why would anyone want to complete a firearm from an 80 build kit instead of buying a ready-made rifle or pistol?

1.It has everything you need.
Complete, 80 percent build kits typically have everything you need to complete a firearm. Even It’s all in one place and extremely convenient. Some are so inclusive that all you’ll need to finish the project are a router and bits to complete the lower or frame before assembling it all.

2.Your gun, your way.
A lot can be said about the value of customization. When you create a firearm from a build kit, you can decide what parts you want to include and what parts you don’t. Swap out the trigger? Choose a different BCG for better permanent dry lubricity? It’s easy when you build the gun from a rifle kit. Just make the customizations along the way.

3.Learn from the experience.
Another great reason to build a firearm from a parts kit or build kit is because you will learn so much about the operation of the platform in doing so. Many gun owners, like many car owners, don’t really understand the inner workings of their machines. A build project will educate you, making it easier for you to assess and make repairs down the line.

4.Save money (possibly).
You can spend more money building a pistol from an 80% Glock kit or a rifle from an AR build kit – but you can also potentially save money, not to mention the fact that, as stated, your local shop might not even have the gun you want.

5.It’s not as hard as you think.
Finally, it’s no walk in the park, but it’s not particle physics either. You’ll need an 80% lower jig to complete the receiver, and you’ll need all the parts and perhaps need to watch or read some tutorials, but it’s not a Herculean project. You can do it in a day or less, and every time you do it you’ll get faster.

High Quality 80% Build Kits
Looking at taking on a home build project with an 80% build kit? Visit 5D Tactical at 5D Tactical.com. They offer high-quality parts and build kits for a wide range of popular models, including Glock-style kits, and kits for the AR-15, AR-9, AR-.308, AR-10, and more.

For those interested in taking full control of the project, they sell separate 80% lowers, upper receivers (both stripped and complete) as well as all of the parts you could need to finish a build. They even sell 80% lower jig kits – including the Multiplatform Router Jig PRO that is a fully universal AR-15 jig kit.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with their customer service team at 508-834-4223 or at Sales@5DTactical.com.

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