The best thing about online streaming platforms is that they have content available for all demographics. People of all ages can go online and watch great movies and TV shows that they would love. 

Just like the streaming giant Netflix, the mouse House; Disney Plus, also has some great content for teenagers. Disney Plus is expanding its network all over the world gradually and its fan base is also growing. If you are a teenager and looking for something to stream on Disney Plus, then you are in luck. It has some great content titles that would suit your particular teenager taste. Nevertheless, be advised that if you are living in a region where the service is not available or accessible, then you will need a VPN for Disney Plus to unblock it. 

So, without further ado, lets get to our top movies:

  1. Mulan

Honor is everything, especially when it comes to the Chinese tradition. Mulan is the tale of a young and brave girl, who joins the emperor’s army to stop northern invaders. She had to volunteer in the Army because there was no man in her family, except for her sick father. 

It is an absolute emotional ride that you will love and every second you spend while watching it would be worth it. 

  1. Togo

Togo is an amazing movie filled with adventures through the harsh storms of Alaska during the year 1925. Leonhard leads a team of sled dogs through the freezing Alaskan tundra in order to deliver antitoxin serum to Nome during an epidemic of diphtheria.

Togo is actually the dog on whom the whole plot revolves around. He has the heart of a survivor and he is the one on whom Leonhard relies upon. The dog is unlike other sled dogs, it’s a lead dog! 

  1. Miracle

Miracle is the story of passion, resilience, determination and team-work. Herb Brooks, a player turned coach, takes on the role of building up a USA hockey team in 1980 for the Olympics. The movie is filled with rousing and heart pumping scenes that will surely attract you. You will feel connected to the film and you will surely enjoy this tale. What’s the best thing is that this movie is based on a true story. 

  1. Saving Mr. Banks

It is an untold true story in which Tom Hanks is playing the role of Walt Disney. The story is about walt Disney’s desire to bring her favorite character Mar Poppins to life. He meets P.L. Travers and discusses his dream of bringing the character to life. This movie is filled with comedy and it has some great insight into the life of Mr. Walt Disney. n

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Are you a fan of Star Wars movies? If yes, then you are definitely going to love this one. The rebellion has started as and Jyn has joined the resistance in order to steal the Empire’s blueprints. This 2016 space opera is filled with action sequences that will leave you jaw dropped. The rebels plan to steal the plans of Galactic Empire’s Death Star. 

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