Developers are in love with CodeIgniter Framework. To be honest, they are right to fall in love with the platform. EllisLab developed the platform in PHP for all the developers in the world. The ultimate objective was to let every developer create a fully functional web application. To clarify, a web application is a website that lets a user either engage with it or among themselves. Facebook is an example of a fully functional web application.

Nearly every company is on the internet. They have all the reasons to mark their digital presence. The demand remains on the rise and this has got a competition started among all the developers. Amid the competitive environment, you would find almost every website development company in Sweden and Spain referring to the platform CodeIgniter Framework. In this article, we will tell you why it has gained so much popularity.

5 Reasons

Your responsibility as a client is simply to hire a developer and get the project delivered on time. However, there is one point that can distinguish your project from your competitors. That is to know why your developer prefers CodeIgniter Framework over CakePHP and Laravel. If you are a developer, then these points will help you to make a better decision about choosing a platform.

Let’s go through the five reasons:

Resolve Errors Easily

A web application does not get ready with a single code line. There are thousands of code lines that make up for one simple web application. Messing up with anyone can ruin the entire project.

It is difficult to identify that one code line out of the thousand code lines is creating an error. This delays the submission of the project followed by the final launch of the web application. CodeIgniter solves this problem easily. The platform assists a developer to instantly identify the problem and resolve it. All a developer has to do is type a code line and the system would highlight the mistakes.

Being able to resolve the errors quickly reduces the probability of a user experiencing issues because of a bug. With such a high convenience offered, a developer can handle a project smoothly.

Facility To Test

It is paramount to run tests while developing a web application. A developer must also test the code sequencing before submitting the project to a client.

Both are separate points and both serve different functions. The stage-by-stage testing while a code is being written helps the developer to adopt a better approach in the future. The future here refers to the upcoming stages of the project development. One would not want to deliver a faulty project to his or her client. Hence, it is important to test a code while writing it.

Running a proper test before submitting the project to a client is a normal process for all the CodeIgniter web development services. The reason is that it helps to examine how well the web application would perform after it is launched in the market.


Everything on the internet comes down to safety. A web application can be scaled only if the emphasis is on the safety of the data. This includes the data of the host and the users.

CodeIgniter Framework has multiple layers of security. A hostile agent would have to put a lot of effort to just try to get into the system. This applies to every device like mobile, laptop, desktop computer, and tab. Since a web application can be accessed from any device, having safety enabled for all of them makes complete sense. CodeIgniter takes care of the safety while allowing a developer to not compromise on any function.

A developer often drops the idea of developing an e-commerce website because the payment gateway might pose a threat of cyber attack. CodeIgniter Framework ensures that a developer does not compromise on such features.

Easy To Use

It is the simplest platform one could ask for. A developer seeks to compile his or her code lines in a folder. Unlike other platforms, CodeIgniter Framework helps a developer to organize their code lines systematically in various sub-folders.

The open-source platform offers many ready-to-use features, widgets, and codes. They can either be applied directly or they can be customized as per the requirements of a client. The crux remains that a developer gets everything ready for a project.

The entire platform is based on linear progression. That makes it easier to execute the job as compared to the non-linear progression. The task to configure and integrate third-party plug-ins is also easy to achieve.

Data Classification

Even though CodeIgniter Framework offers an option to create various sub-folders, they are easy to systemize. One does not need to create numerous sub-folders.

The overall summarized structure of the Framework saves a lot of time for the developer. This in turn saves a lot of resources for the developer and the team. The progress goes on smoothly without facing any obstacle.

The system of creating and managing sub-folders is a part of CodeIgniter Framework’s unique file organization model. It has been admired by users and competitors alike.


These were some of the reasons for choosing the CodeIgniter Framework that we came across. If you can think of more, then do share them with us. Start leveraging the power of CodeIgniter Framework for your business and reap the benefits of your web presence by empowering business growth.

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