Finding an international school to give your child the best education in Kuala Lumpur can be intimidating. To ensure a bright future for your child, you must keep an eye on all the factors that can guarantee you a great international school education. Factors like quality of teachers, student curriculum, scholarships, accreditations, extracurricular activities, etc. play an essential role in choosing the right school.

The Global Indian International School in Malaysia is a renowned school that promises a perfect balance of high academic standards with the engaging maneuver.

You must consider the following 5 tips when choosing a good Cambridge lower secondary school for your kid.

1.   Holistic curriculum approach – At Global Indian International School in Malaysia, we bestow our students with a holistic curriculum approach. It helps a kid to develop great character and emotional intelligence. Our mission is to help your students attain good academic scores and develop a unique skill to pursue their passion. Moreover, we help our students develop exceptional analytical skills while fostering great leadership qualities.

2.   Experienced teaching staff – The teaching faculty of any school plays a vital role in deciding a child’s education as well as career. GLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  is staffed with the most talented and highly experienced teachers across the globe who are well trained in their jobs. Our teachers are widely known for their innovative teaching techniques and excellent demonstration skills. We focus on the professional and personal growth of a student for him or her to grow immensely.

The teachers at Global Indian International School are widely known for the following qualities –

·         Commitment towards new learning opportunities

·         Eagerness to work with young minds

·         Excellent teamwork

·         A positive approach to handle situations

·         Innovative ideas

3.   Infrastructure – The infrastructure of an international school is one of the most essential factors for a child’s development. The learning premises of the student needs to be fresh, clean, bright, modern, and innovative. The appearance of classrooms has a huge influence on the minds of young kids. The brighter the classes, the more a student is willing to learn. The learning environment of a student decides the learning capability of a student.

4.   Rich diversity – The term “International” itself indicates that the school is bound to have students from different nationalities. It means that there would be an environment with different cultures, different approaches, and different ideas. Students coming from different backgrounds are the true essence of an international school. This way all the students can learn about the diverse cultures and how to adapt them for a successful career.

5.   ScholarshipsGLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  provides its students with a wide range of scholarships corresponding to their interests. We offer scholarships based on the merit score and extracurricular interests of a kid.  Whether your kid loves to sing or dance, we have scholarships that cater to all the talents. We also usher scholarships for the kids who are keenly interested in sports or core science. Visit our website now to explore the variety of scholarships that we offer.

Global Indian International School is one of the most sought-after schools in Kuala Lumpur. If you are looking for an exceptional Cambridge Lower Secondary Program in Kuala Lumpur, then Global Indian International School is the place for you. We offer our international students the firm academic system that allows higher grade students to complete their education with STEAM subjects.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Program is peculiarly made to encourage students to pursue their education while becoming a better version of themselves. In a world where taking risks and becoming independent have become the new trend, Cambridge Lower Secondary Program allows students to perform accordingly for a robust career.

This program allows all the students to experience great academic standards with guided spiritual, cultural, social, and moral guidelines. Moreover, we have a staff of well-trained and experienced educators at Global Indian International School who have keen expertise in the Cambridge lower secondary Program. We aim at analyzing each student’s performance based on their capabilities and unique skills with academic performance.

Are you still waiting to get your child enrolled? Pick up your phone or visit the official website of Global Indian International School to fill the inquiry form. Explore the Cambridge Lower Secondary Program for the thrilling growth of your child at a mind-blowing pace. GIIS promises a better future for your kid at our smart learning and virtual school campus.