Being new to virtually any experience can be extremely daunting especially when it comes to purchasing cannabis products and accessories. For the reason being that, despite marijuana legalization in 21 states, there are still those who are against the fact. You don’t have to worry too much about it though. In time, people will start seeing recreational cannabis smoking as a way of life. So, if you’re a beginner in this scene, you might be wondering where to start and what to look for in the “best smoke shop near me” that popped up in your search results.

In A Busy Location
Always avoid smoke shops that are situated in dark alleys with strangers and bystanders shooting up something publicly. It’s not only an awful look and quite a cliche for a smoke shop, by the way, it’s also a safety risk for the paying customers. Choose a smoke shop that is situated in a busy location where well-dressed and other working professionals walk by. It could be adjacent to the other smoke shops in the city frequented by tourists and locals alike.

Friendly Staff
If you’re a beginner, you might know what stuff to buy and what not to buy. If you’re having a hard time choosing the best method to start your cannabis journey with, it’s better if you land in a smoke shop with a friendly staff. Customer service is vital to every business including smoke shops. This also helps them appear more legit to their customers. Stepping into a smoke shop without an idea which products to choose in reference to your personal smoking style, you are going to need a friendly face who could answer your questions well and be able to give you the best options possible for a beginner. For a novice smoker, you don’t want something that would stress out your lungs on your first try. In other words, you’re going to have to steer clear from bongs and dab rigs which provide more intense effect and are quite complicated to use and look after. You need something that would ease you in, convenient and discreet such as, vape pens and hand pipes.

Variety of Products
The best smoke shop should bear a wide array of selections so there’s an option for you to try different things once you get used to the cannabis-smoking way of life. However, since you’re new in this way of life, you are going to need a CBD e-juice if you choose to carry a vape pen with you. CBD is the healthiest option when you want to get high for some hours of your day. You can use it with THC—which is a cannabis compound that provides an ultimate high—or other herbs of your choosing. If you’re carrying a vape pen containing CBD e-juice laced with THC, you’re free to smoke in any designated smoking areas without having judgy eyes staring at you since vaping CBD e-juice does not have the distinct marijuana smell.

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