Seeing your pet sick or in pain is awful, and prompts most owners to look for as many ways to relieve discomfort as they possibly can. Increasingly, CBD is a very popular choice for the treatment of pets ailing from all kinds of conditions. In fact, it may even be replacing medication for some conditions. Here’s what you need to know about why CBD is a popular choice to treat ailing pets.

CBD is Safe

One of the primary advantages of using CBD over another medication is that CBD may be safer than many other options. CBD seems to be very well tolerated in animals. The only side effect appears to be a very slight increase in a liver enzyme. If your pet has a known liver issue, you may want to think twice about using CBD or carefully monitor liver values during treatment.

However, in pets with healthy livers, CBD appears to be very safe. One thing to keep in mind is that because CBD isn’t well-regulated at this time, it’s extremely important to choose dog CBD products from a high-quality company that has their CBD products tested by a third-party lab, such as InnovetPet. Hemp tends to absorb heavy metals and pesticides from the soil very easily, and THC can be very toxic for pets, so it’s very important that the CBD that you choose is organic and has no level of THC.

CBD Treats a Number of Conditions

One of the reasons that we’ve seen such an increase in the treatment of pets with CBD is simply how many conditions this supplement can be useful for treating. CBD is very effective for the treatment of arthritis, including osteoarthritis. Since this condition may occur in as many as 20% of all dogs more than a year old and in even higher numbers of older dogs, this condition alone accounts for much of the increased use of CBD.

CBD also offers benefits in generalized pain control for all sorts of conditions that may cause pain. It has also been effective for the treatment of seizures. When you consider how many pets may be affected by one of the conditions that CBD can treat, it should come as no surprise that this is a popular treatment option.

CBD is Popular

One of the things that account for how often CBD is used for the treatment of pets is simply the fact that it is already frequently used. The more common a treatment is, the more likely people will be to mimic their friends and neighbors and try the treatment themselves.

After all, personal testimony is a powerful motivator. If your friend or neighbor says that their dog improved dramatically in a condition after they use CBD, you are likely to do some research, see that CBD is quite safe, and try it yourself. In fact, as many as 50% of dog owners have used some form of CBD to treat their pets. The more people try CBD and find it effective, the more likely it will be to be used by somebody else as well.

CBD Can Be Effective for Treatment of Anxiety

CBD may be helpful for treating anxiety in dogs. Since more than 72% of dogs show some kind of anxiety-related behavior, it should come as no surprise that many owners are turning to CBD in an attempt to quell their dog’s anxiety. Since CBD is so safe and can be used on a temporary basis, it can be a very helpful part of your pet traveling routine to alleviate the anxiety that commonly occurs when traveling with pets.

CBD can also be used as needed to alleviate anxiety around common stressors like fireworks or visiting guests. CBD is often safer and easier to administer than many other types of medications for anxiety, making it a very popular choice.

CBD is Easy to Administer

Unlike many medications which require you to come up with ingenious ways to disguise a pill or require you to manhandle your pet in order to get the medication down, CBD is very easy to give. You can choose a high-quality CBD supplement that has been made into a treat or you can easily hide CBD oil in your pet’s regular food or make your own treats. There are so many ways to give CBD that it is an easier option than many other choices.

Consider CBD for Your Ailing Pet

CBD is a very popular choice for the treatment of all sorts of different ailments in family pets. This is no surprise, considering how safe and effective it can be for the treatment of many different conditions. If your pet is suffering from a condition that may be treatable with CBD, it may be worth talking to your veterinarian about whether this is a good treatment option for you.