The fall season is the perfect time to shop for the right mink vest that goes with the weather changes. And because of its romantic aspect, the fall season is also a great time to be going out on a date, or meet new friends. It’s the rainy weather season which is an ideal time to have someone you can cuddle up or share deep conversations with. Having the perfect ensemble of fall outfits will surely help you make all your fall plans come true.

Just as you thought styling a mink vest is much harder than when you’re doing a mink jacket or a full-length coat, you’re served with the various marvelous looks you never thought was even possible. Sure it’s a challenging garment to pair with your existing wardrobe, but if you know which ones work best with it, you’ll probably end up making it your favorite fall outfit. Not only this guide will help you make the most of this garment, but learning how to wear a mink fur vest will take your outfit to the next level.

When You’re Meeting Up With Friends
If you’re heading out for a coffee with someone or just for a spontaneous meet-up with a bored friend, you’ll surely want a display of your A-game in styling. It doesn’t matter if it was planned ahead of time or if it was a last-minute invite—one thing is for sure though, both of you are going to be taking a lot of pictures, and you’ll definitely don’t want to look miserable in them.

A day out would require you to opt for something light and airy looking. A soft yellow or a sky blue top will do, paired with one of your regular high-waisted jeans and a grey mink vest. There might be an impromptu shopping spree so, be sure to finish your day outfit with a pair of flat ankle-high suede boots. But if you’re going for a night out with your girlfriends from college, choose a darker ensemble to enhance your make-up. A black jumpsuit can never go wrong, paired with a mink fur vest of a darker shade as well. Polish off this whole ensemble with black pumps and a black clutch.

When You’re Dressing Up For Work
Fur vests are great and are versatile more than you think. They’re great for socializing or if you’re lounging in cafes drinking your favorite macchiato as well as wearing them for work. Working in style should go together so you’re always grounded and awesome even when you’re served with a pile of things to finish for the day. They make your work-life outfit look decent and stylish and when paired with the right wardrobe, they also give off a powerful vibe you want to experiment with.

Gone are the days when your work clothes go with the glum weather the fall season brings. Ditch the boring sweatshirts and hood jackets, rather pair that white long sleeve top with a black reversible sheared mink and sable section trim vest from Maximilian. Better yet, why not go big with an all-white long-sleeved jumpsuit underneath your hooded mink vest for a more compelling strong independent woman vibe

There are so many occasions where you can successfully wear that old mink fur vest you’ve been saving for the cold season but never even had a chance to wear them ever since you bought them. Now that you’ve read our guide, we thinking it’s high time that you show off those beautiful pelts paired with your existing wardrobe. You don’t even have to spend on new clothes if you want to! But if you’re looking for more mink fur vest options, head on to Maximilian for their display of genuine fur vests and accessories.

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