The legalization of cannabis has opened access to premium quality cannabis. However, it has also led to an increase in low-quality weed batches in the market.

If you are going to be purchasing weed, you must make sure it is of top quality. Several systems are used to determine cannabis quality, but the legally certified system is the A – AAAA+ grading system. AAAAA weed is one of the most sought-after weeds among the A – AAAA+ grading system.

What is Grade AAAAA weed?

 AAAAA grade weed features high THC levels, thick hairy buds, and a variety of green, yellow, and orange trichomes that are easily visible.

This strain contains a good amount of THC and CBD, burns smoothly, and has a high intense aroma. It has a unique flavor that leaves you with a long-lasting effect. Interestingly, the AAAAA grade weed has no side effects and does not leave any harsh after taste at the back of your mouth.

As a result of its higher THC levels, grade AAAAA weed is slightly more expensive. The quality buds of the AAAAA grade weed are well preserved to maintain their high THC and CBD levels. Buy AAAA weed in kitchener is perfect for individuals who want a strong and high-quality color weed.

Difference between AAAAA grade weed and AAAA weed

AAAAA grade weed and AAAA weed are very similar in terms of content and quality. They both contain high-level THC and CBD with thick green and colorful buds.

Similarly, they do not leave any harsh aftertaste in your mouth. However, the main difference between these two-grade weeds is how they are handpicked.

AAAAA grade weed is handpicked and kept with extreme care without chemical processing. The idea is to ensure that each nugget remains untouched and is full of trichomes, thereby retaining high THC levels.

 On the other hand, AAAA-grade weed flowers do not always remain intact with the complete nuggets. However, the buds are still thick and green with fewer trichomes and slightly lower THC. 

Can I get same-day delivery of AAAAA grade weed in Kitchener?

If you reside in Kitchener and you want to enjoy this powerful strain, you can sit back and order for it from the comfort of your home.

 You can find an  AAAAA same-day delivery in Kitchener service by asking or looking around. However, one AAAAA same-day delivery in Kitchener service you can trust is Simply Juana. As one of the most reputable brands in the industry, Simple Juana follows strict standards, and all its products go through comprehensive grading and curative processes.  Their team ensures that its products are carefully checked for their aroma, mold, color, appearance, etc. You can also find the best edibles in Kitchener at Simply Juana.

How are AAAAA weed delivery orders placed on Simply Juana

 AAAAA same-day weed delivery order on Simply Juana is easy and fast. Go to the site and browse through the products, select and make your purchase online.

 If you place your order during normal business hours, you should get your delivery within 2-3 hours or at least on the same day.