Have you checked the calendar? It’s your man’s birthday. Prepare a gift and arrange a birthday party for your boyfriend. Gift-giving is always a tiring job; especially when it is about your partner. The choice then gets even more difficult. You are often in dilemma about what to give and whether he will like it or not. Sometimes you find so many good things that you get confused about which one to go for. And sometimes your pocket won’t allow you to buy that particular gift or the time frame will be the hurdle. 

There are many options out there even if you are in a long-distance relationship. From flowers delivery in Bangalore, Delhi to arranging the party it’s all a piece of cake. We have sorted out few ideas for birthday gifts for your boyfriend in this article:

Plan a trip 

Boys and adventure go well together. Every boy has a soft spot for adventure trips so plan one with him. For this, you need timely planning. Look for a good place for a trek or a jungle safari and check what kind of activities that place can offer you. You can either go with him on a solo trip or you can plan all this with his friends and make this a group trip. After all, boys always complain about getting less time with their boys.

Room decor

Decorate his room for the birthday celebration. Hang pictures from the ceiling with hydrogen balloons, set fragrance candles in the room, and use ribbons and flowers for the rest of the decoration. A birthday celebration is always incomplete without birthday flowers, so don’t forget to arrange them. 


Whiskey glass set 

Combining the drinking accessories in a gift box will be something unexpected for him. This set can include two whiskey glasses with one glass container for the drink. You can always add on different items in a set according to your likes and budget. 


A scrapbook full of memories is a sentimental gift. Use your creativity to create a scrapbook that has a collection of all your pictures. You can stick your picture as a couple, your favorite picture of him, his ugly picture you never told about, or most importantly pictures from your dates. Along with the pictures, you can also add written notes to it. 


Gift your man a pair of shoes and see the smile on his face. Choose the brand and color of shoes he loves and drops the packet outside his room. After that, you will notice for a few weeks that he is not wearing any other pair of shoes. You see guys are so much into new pairs of shoes. A pair of formal shoes is their weakness. Then what are you waiting for! Go grab a pair for him. 

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Movie date

This might sound cheesy but is surely a unique plan to go for. If your budget allows, book the whole cinema hall and surprise him with a couple of movie tickets. Arrange your setup in the middle of the hall on the floor and some florist to drop flowers during the interval. For the flowers you can use internet sellers, type online florist in Bangalore, or whichever play you are. 

Plan all-boys trip 

A guy always complains about not getting time alone with his boys. So do that! Plan a trip inviting all his friends and shock him on the day. This will be something he will remember throughout his life. 

This list of ideas is endless and you can always mix two or three gift items based on the size of your pocket. Pamper him with love and care to make him feel special. Keep in mind your partner’s little desires and value his emotions. He might not show his feelings but even he needs occasional pampering.