Podcast! There are… there are… thousands of them and all about different things! Sometimes it’s hard to choose what podcast production you should focus on in your podcast, but a few topics seem to be the most popular. Choosing a podcast topic is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting a show. There are good podcast ideas and there are less interesting ones, so it’s your job to figure out where your topic idea lies. As of May 2020, the most popular shows on Apple Podcasts have some common theme threads: talk shows, true crime, and investigative journalism. Knowing these podcast ideas are already popular with a large audience, you might be tempted to jump right into one of these topics. But it’s not the best way.  As you’re figuring out a podcast topic, start your research by listening to your favorite shows. Identify how the host tackles the story and what emotions emerge as you listen. No matter which idea you choose, this passion and enthusiasm emanating from the host makes a great podcast.  Here are a few topics you could start with and find your way along with them. 

Questioning and Mythbusting: 

Ever since the Internet, it’s been easy to find answers to your burning questions, but there are always cool new things to discover around every corner. You should know that the content is all about answering weird questions and busting common myths. You end up discovering a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally know.

Behind the scene of an influencer: 

Social media influencers have flooded our feeds with perfectly edited photos and captions. It’s easy to believe that his/her life should be picture perfect in real life as well. But many times it doesn’t happen. Try behind the scenes to see what it takes to be an influencer. The balance between hours spent behind capturing an image, the pressure of always being a spectator, and sharing too much of the themes behind this huge industry is little talked about. 

Podcasting about podcasts: 

If you love podcasts, consider creating a show that reviews and responds to other shows. You can discuss entire podcasts or specific episodes. Give your listeners their favorite shows and episodes for inspiration. Bring other podcast producers to your show to discuss their experiences.

Multiple perspectives: 

It is often difficult to understand why people think and behave the way they do because we cannot see their point of view. Create a podcast that examines events and media from different points of view. For example, you can explain the Harry Potter series from different fans’ perspectives. You can break down a candidate from the perspective of people from different sides of the political spectrum. Or you can explain how natural disasters affect different types of people.


Ooo! Did I scare you? No? it could be a podcast! Those who like paranormal and haunting events have found a love of spooky paranormal podcasts. This Paranormal Life podcast has covered everything from unexplained disappearances, alien encounters, and everything in between.

Industry profiles:

Most industries, scenes, hobbies, and fandoms are full of people who made a big impact on those genres, even if they weren’t well known. For example, the construction industry has a long line of innovators who have pushed the boundaries of business. Create a series that profiles these highly influential people. Dedicate an episode to each one that chronicles their life and story. Explain how they got into their industry or hobby and how they shaped it. 

Recap popular entertainment: 

Do you follow TV shows, book series, sports teams, or the music scene? Turn your passion into content by reviewing the latest movie/book/episode/game. You can tell what happened recently, find out fan theories (yours included!), and make predictions for the future. It’s easy to build content around this podcast topic because it is closely related to something you love dearly.

A day in the life of…:

When a podcaster interviews a guest, he or she usually focuses on big-picture material, such as “What made you successful?” or “When did you make your big decision?” or “How did you become so talented?” But those big questions—while important—don’t help your audience connect with your guests. They need a more detailed approach to understand what it is like to be a successful/talented/talented person. Pick a topic and interview them about their typical day. Note carefully so that you can inspire your listeners for a day in the life. Start from the beginning: Get up, have breakfast, and start the day. Then move on to the harder things: work assignments, family obligations, personal hobbies, etc. This will give your listeners an intimate glimpse into their idols. 

These are some podcast theme ideas that you can choose from. Don’t forget, other than great content, a podcast jingle plays an important role in creating an immersive and memorable podcast. Pick a good podcast music theme that suits your podcast content theme to create consistency. You don’t want to have fun music if your podcast is about paranormal stories.

Now that you have your ideas of podcast themes, it is time to start preparing one.