Meta description- Planning a walking vacation to Europe? Looking for the best countries or places for a walking vacation in Europe? Find them with the top 10 best walking vacations in Europe.

Europe is constituted by a sum of 51 countries and every one of them has its walking routes, hiking trails, and way-marked ways. Thus, choosing the best walking vacation in Europe can be an overwhelming task for travelers. Thus, if you are looking for the top 10 best walking vacations in Europe, you have landed on your problem’s solution.

Let’s know the top 10 best walking vacations in Europe


The gorgeous coastline of Croatia works best for long romantic and peaceful walks. Start your trip by visiting the highlights and the explore the unveiled truth of the secret wonders.

Enveloped with 16 national parks, shimmering lakes, waterfalls, and canyons, Croatia is perfect for an intimate experience. Spend your days walking around the city while exploring its natural beauty. Or just relax and rejuvenate while adoring the beautiful sunsets.

The best way to discover Croatia’s beauty is to hike around its long and exquisite hiking trails like MJET NP.

High Tatra

Just walk inside a mesmerizing scenery with huts, mountains, and rivers in it at High Tatra. A more affordable alternative to the Alps, Hight Tatra offers the same traveling and adventure opportunities as them.

Hiking up the hills is the best way to explore the beauty of this mesmerizing destination. But you can always take a cable car ride to the top to adore its beauty. Stay overnight in wooden mountain huts with an aesthetic fireplace inside. While spending your days hiking up the classic Travel Slovakia trek.


Providing the most uplifting experience, the Fjords of Norway are best for summer-time hiking. The main reason behind choosing summer is that Norway is way more affordable in summers than in winters. Having one of the most beautiful walkaways, summers in Norway have luscious greens.

Take ferry rides, hike upon the gorgeous trails, walk with crampons, or take train journeys. There is much to do and see at Fjords.


Take a flight from the USA to London and then a one-hour flight from London to land at Jersey, Channel Islands. The compact villages, steep roads, magnificent scenery, and welcoming locals are stars studded in the beauty of Jersey.

Take long walks on the deserted beaches or rent a car to ride across the city. There are various ways to explore Jersey. But the best way to explore the city is to hike upon the cliff-side walking trails to reach the top of the hills.


The sensational land, Switzerland, provides amazing walking cuts straight to the highland heart of the city. A perfect location for a walking tour, Switzerland is equipped with picturesque beauty and gorgeous hiking trails.

Walking in Switzerland can be tough, but it seems nothing in front of the mesmerizing views it ends with.

The Dolomites

The famous Italian location, the Dolomites are perfect to spend your next walking holiday. Providing the perfect opportunities to hike, hill climb, and surf, the Dolomites have wooden huts for overnight stays.

The gorgeous hiking trails lead tourists to soar mountains equipped with gorgeous views. The best time and the busiest time to visit the Dolomites are the months of December and January.


A hidden treasure, Albania, is beyond the common tourist trails and can provide a great walking trip. This hidden European gem is the home of gorgeous lakes, rugged mountains, scenic valleys, and colorful villages.

A perfect escape door from your everyday life Albania is equipped with both peace and nature. Spend your days exploring the treks of Albania and your night adoring the clear star-filled skies.

The Alps

Generally preferred as a winter holiday destination, the Alps shimmer through the sunlight in summers. A paradise for walking travelers, the Alps become more gorgeous when the sun’s rays fall upon the ice glaciers.

Hiking up the mountain range, Tour du Mont Blanc is the best opportunity provided by the Alps for walking travelers.

Pembrokeshire Coast

Nothing is a better walking tour than the one equipped with a gorgeous coastal line. Pembrokeshire Coast is decorated with towering cliffs and many unforeseen adventures waiting to be discovered.

Take a walking trip to Pembrokeshire, Wales, and spend some time in the lap of nature. If you are a birdwatcher or bird lover, then, with the abundant bird-life at the Pembrokeshire coast, you are in for a treat. Spend your days discovering the lined footpaths or be friends with grey seals. The natural beauty and the mesmerizing flora and fauna of the coast make visiting it a unique and worthy experience.


Filled with rugged hiking trails and deserted islands, Greece is among the best walking vacation provider across Europe. Spend your days relaxing and rejuvenating on gorgeous islands like Tinos, Ulysses, Syros, and Sifnos. Take long walks along the coastlines or visit the Santorini’s volcanic virtuosity. The olive green land of Greece is scented with amazing flora while the unique sand coves enhance its beauty. Take Direct flights to Germany from the USA to be a part of this amazing adventure.