As one of the most influential names in the branding and marketing industry, Simon Tizon is considered the Einstein of branding and marketing. This innovative entrepreneur and one of the most outstanding brand image-makers has acquired a well-known presence amongst world-class entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional athletes, top brands, and more. 

Recently, he appeared on t.v. in an interview with BizTV in Los Angeles sharing why brands and celebrities call him the go-to guy for branding and marketing.  We had a chance to sit and talk with Simon and he uncovered how to build a strong brand.

Why this is crucial for branding

Most people know of PR but with only a vague insight of what public relations is. Very rarely do they know what’s behind the curtains and the rewards it offers brands. Only a few, in fact, know the return it has.

According to Simon Tizon, PR is one of the most elusive and impactful marketing strategies that increases the longevity of a brand or businesses. The ones that utilize this for their brand and marketing strategy are investing a large amount of time and effort to stay on top in their market resulting in higher returns with larger profits.

Part of branding is spreading a brand’s voice to a niched market targeting the right people and enhancing its reputation. People like Simon Tizon, become the vehicle for brands and businesses to drive them toward becoming an authority in their market. PR can create a long term future and increase the sales of a business. When coordinated properly, it can make a company more fit to overcome almost any hurdle it comes across. Which is why PR is a must do marketing strategy.

The benefits of PR 

Simon shared the benefits of using PR strategies. First, It increases your brand’s credibility. In any industry, trust is an enormous asset when foreseeing the success of any business. With no trust, it leaves a lot of potential sales on the table. To secure this gap between a business and its potential client or customers, the business can use PR.  In return, this will strengthen their credibility within their market and enhance their overall reputation. As a result positioning them as a thought leader and a notable brand or business.

Another benefit is that it can change the way people think about a brand or business. Today with social media it gives the privilege to anyone to say anything about a business. Whether it’s true or false, there are multiple cases this has happened and it can give a salty reputation to a brand. The best way to level out false opinions is by using PR. This can build a positive brand image while increasing its awareness. People are more willing to listen to a credible source and than a random opinion. 

PR can also increase your leads, sales and profits.  Top level executives would agree that a marketing strategy isn’t complete without PR.  Any brand or business that reaches the masses has a far more chance to stay relevant and direct new clients to their product or service than the ones who don’t. 

Giving clients or customers another way to connect with a brand or business through stories in the media immediately magnifies their presence in the market.  That’s why working with experts like Simon Tizon who helps celebrities, brands and businesses curate a message that will resonate with a targeted audience, is essential.

We’re living in a world where there’s a lot of white noise.  Each day that passes it becomes harder to break through the noise and stand out.  As 2020 is coming to an end It will be beneficial to apply these strategies and tips to finish this fourth quarter strong