With the reauthorization of the 2018 farm Bill, which allows for the regulation and production of industrial Hemp, many people are turning to cannabis for their body’s general wellness.

CBD soft gels are the latest CBD product to hit the market. CBD, unlike THC, does not have any psychoactive properties and does not pose a risk of abuse or addiction.

What are CBD Soft gels? 

CBD soft gels are a one-piece capsule made from gelatin mixed with glycerin or sorbitol. 

CBD can be extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant using various methods, including the carbon dioxide extraction method. 

The substance is then diluted with carrier oil to create CBD oil. The CBD oil is then placed in a gelatin-based shell to create a CBD gel capsule. 

The soft gel capsule would help protect the CBD oil by hermetically sealing it. The goal is to keep air and light from destroying CBD oil. 

Are CBD Soft Gels Different from CBD Capsules? 

There are slight differences between CBD soft gels and CBD capsules. You should be aware of these differences and understand their impact on your CBD routine.

 Some of the notable differences between CBD soft gels and CBD capsules include: 

  • Compared to regular pills, soft gels have a smoother shape and contour. 
  • Soft gels are airtight and have more extended shelf life capsules. 
  • Soft gels are better for non-water-soluble oils such as CBD. 
  • Several people prefer soft gels to tablets as they are easier to swallow. 
  • Soft gels can better mask any odor or strong taste of what is inside than soft gels. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Soft gels 

Broad-spectrum CBD soft gels contain various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found naturally in hemp plants. It also includes other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN, creating the entourage effect. 


Some of the significant ingredients in a broad spectrum CBD soft gels include CBD hemp-rich extracts, a carrier oil such as coconut oil or virgin oil, carrageenan, and sorbitol. 

If you want to buy broad spectrum CBD soft gels online, lookout for a brand that offers high-quality CBD products with third-party test results. 

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