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Instead of buying Instagram followers, which are nothing but automated bots, you could rather buy active and real Instagram followers for faster growth on the social networking site. These are genuine accounts with genuine people behind them, unlike those described earlier. There are two ways of going about this exercise. You could either buy Instagram followers from companies offering such promotions or you could search for the keywords “Instagram followers” in Google. The second option is obviously better than the first one as it gives you more control over the type of people you want to interact with.

Best site to Buy Instagram Followers

If you buy Instagram followers from companies offering promotions, make sure that you are able to switch them off after purchase. This is because a large number of spammers have used fake feeds to try and sell their products or services to unsuspecting individuals. When you are browsing the feeder program listings, check the subscription amount and duration of each individual feeder program. Be wary of any offers that promise instant gratification or provide you with an extension to your current account. In such cases, it is best to switch off your feeder program to prevent any unwanted spammy content from reaching your page.

To buy Instagram followers in Australia, you need to look at the various networks available for Australia. There are literally thousands of networks available, which means that there are many people who want and maybe trying to sell their accounts. The good thing is that most of these accounts are authentic and operated by actual people. The bad thing is that there are some instances of scammers preying on unsuspecting users, so you have to be careful in choosing which ones to follow. Look for the following indicators when you are looking at the different networks for Australian accounts:

A fake profile setup – If you see a fake profile set up that closely resembles an official Instagram account, then there’s a big chance that it’s a fake account. You should avoid purchasing followers from such locations. For instance, if an email address has been used, then it is definitely a fake. Avoid any links that seem too familiar as well, since many people will unknowingly click on links provided in hopes of getting into contact with real people.

Real Instagram Followers Australian

No interaction with fans – The last symptom of fake Instagram accounts is that they rarely interact with their followers. This is because most individuals who set up these accounts are looking for a large following and do not care about interacting with old or new followers. If someone does not wish to reply to a comment or message, then it is highly unlikely that they have an active Instagram account.

No photos or videos posted – If a photo or video that you come across online displays a person’s name but no information about them or their account, then it is most likely a fake. There is also a chance that the person may have uploaded the image illegally using copyrighted materials. You should stay away from buying Instagram followers unless there is solid proof that the user is using real photographs and videos. Fake accounts are usually created with the intention of defrauding people. They will use your photo to illustrate a story, post a link that leads to another website wherein they attempt to obtain money by selling you products or services.

There are other ways in which you can determine the legitimacy of an Instagrammer. If they have a large following and active Instagram followers, then they most likely have their own business online and maybe post promotional images for this business. Therefore, before buying Instagram followers, check if they have their own businesses and websites