The game of football rose through the ranks of sports over the years, and with it, the market for football cards as most people hope to buy or sell football cards. While some have gotten used to buying and selling these cards over the years, a majority still find it hard to sell or buy a football card. When you want to sell or buy a football card, you first decide on where you would like to sell it. Also, would you prefer an offline or online transaction?

Trading Football Cards Offline

This is the traditional way of buying football cards. You can buy or sell football cards at cards stores close to you. These card stores around your place of residence have football card collection for sale. Also, you could simply buy from a friend who is willing to sell his/her football cards. 

Trading Football Cards Online 

With the advent of the internet and social media, trading football cards have become much easier for prospective buyers and sellers. The internet offers a large market space where sellers can upload their products on selling platforms like eBay and wait for a prospective buyer. So you can decide to buy or sell football cards like the 1966 Topps football cards online without leaving your house. 

How To Spot Counterfeit Football Cards

With the advent of the internet and social media, which introduced modern ways of trading football cards, counterfeit football cards have sprung up in the market. Although, this is not new, as fake football cards have been in circulation for years. Fortunately, efforts are in place to reduce and stop their circulation. However, the production of these cards has increased as forgery methods have gotten better over the years with the sophistication of printing methods. Now, how do you spot a counterfeit football cards seller? 

Poor Feedback On Old Sales 

Before you make buy a football cards collection for sale, be sure to look at the seller’s selling history and feedback from old transactions the seller has been involved in. Most times, a seller with no feedback or history would come out with some football cards collection for sale. You would do well to avoid these kinds of sellers as they are often scammers who sell counterfeit cards. Also, a seller with a good selling record might have attempted to pass off a counterfeit card in the past; odds are they might attempt to do it again.

Avoid Ridiculous Prices

Before you buy a football cards collection for sale online, you should check the range of the prices of these cards on different platforms. For instance, if you would like to buy a 1966 Topps football card online from a trading platform like eBay or Etsy, you should check google and different websites to authenticate the price. A ridiculous price that is far lower than the standard and authenticated price suggests that the commodity is fake. You should avoid sellers with ridiculous prices like a plague.

Watch Out For Aged Counterfeits 

Scammers intentionally roughen counterfeit cards up to make them look old and portray originality. Football cards are sometimes soaked in coffee, tea, or some other liquid that could produce the desired effect. After this, they are taken out to dry, and with that comes the wrinkled look of an old football card. Although these forgeries are hard to detect, someone who knows their cards would be able to spot the difference. To detect these counterfeits when you are looking to buy football cards for sale online, look out for traces of forced wrinkles and cuts on the cards. Also, a sort of web crackling that’s not a characteristic of original football cards can be noticed at the back of these counterfeits.


It has become easier to buy football cards with the advent of the internet and the opening of card stores in different parts of cities worldwide. However, the market has been flooded with fake football cards by scammers with sophisticated means of printing who wish to swindle prospective buyers. Although the circulation of these counterfeits is being curbed, you are advised to look for a reputable online store or card store near you to purchase or sell your football trading cards.