If you ever got impressed by seeing big light-up letters in hotels, theatres, bars, and restaurants, you are not alone. Large light-up letters are becoming popular everywhere in Tulsa, OK. People use it at events like weddings, birthdays, and Quinceañera. 

Couples love to incorporate graceful decorative elements in their wedding decoration. Kids also like to add an attractive decorative element to their birthday parties. Giant light-up letters look unique, exciting, and work in any event. 

You can use marquee letters in various ways to create an appealing ambiance. If you don’t know what to do with the big and bold light-up letters, here are some ideas to use in productive ways.

Many ideas are already floating on the internet, and many are not implementable. The below ideas are mentioned with illustrations for your convenience-

How to use marquee lights at a wedding?

You have seen the Light up letters in wedding Tulsa, OK, and got inspired; wait for none to include the same in your wedding but in a unique way.

Make Monogram

Monograms have become popular at weddings; you can place them at the wedding altar or on stage. The popular idea is to use the initials of the couple’s name and install it at a strategic location to take amazing pictures. The size of the light-up letters is large and highlights the space; it is also clearly visible from anywhere in the venue. The couple can choose to put initials of marquee letters in front of their head-table seats in the formant, “R + D” or “N & G.” 

  • Use popular letters

If you want to surprise your bride, you can use famous marquee letters like “LOVE,” FOREVER,” or “WILL YOU.” If you have planned any theme, don’t forget to make an exciting combination of marquee letters like “WOOPA.”

How to use light letters on your birthday?

On your baby’s first, second, or fifth birthday, you can rent large white marquee letters in Tulsa, OKThe standing wooden light-up letters are the perfect photo prop for your child. You can install numbers, letters, or its combination in the hall or an open area. 

Use alphabets to make the name of the child

Marquee letters open the door of creativity as you can use alphabets in many ways to decorate the venue. You can put your child’s name in the light letters. This gesture will make your child feel particular ways. 

Lastly, you can use light letters to make “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and decorate it with balloons.

Ideas to use large led letters in Quinceañera

Quinceañera is a significant event in any girl’s life. It is the big event before the wedding as it marks a girl’s entrance from childhood to womanhood.  

Every girl will want to have different designs than her friend’s Quinceañera. The led letters can fulfill her desire if used creatively. You can rent letters like “Sweet 16” or XV. 

You can try out a combination of alphabets to make a word that reflects her personality, for instance, cute, sweet, or beautiful. 

The above ideas will glam up your decoration and add a wow factor. You don’t have to buy these substantial light letters because it is available for rent. The light-up letters are the most affordable and convenient option for decoration. You can save your time by renting marquee letters from any reputed company. You can call them, and they will deliver it else, you can opt to pick them. 

Only rent from a reputed company that clearly states its terms and conditions and keeps its operation transparent. Rent marquee letters from a company which provides-

  • Clear pricing information
  • Clear rental policy
  • Deliver letters to home
  • State cancellation policy
  • Product description
  • Illustration of previous work
  • Information on replacement cost in case of damage

All your hard work goes in vain if you rent from wrong rental company. Consider the above points if you want to avoid hustle while implementing unique ideas in the event. 


Large white marquee letters are gaining prominence in Tulsa, OK, in personal events, and they are not limited to the only public area. You can also use light up letters in a personalized way.