If you’re the kind of person who enjoys every day showers that include a long bath, then the Corner Hot Tub is a viable option for your small bathroom. It is a straight bathtub that is designed to perfectly fit into tiny spaces. This will let you realize the desire of having the luxury of a tub in your small bathroom. The information in this article will teach you on various characteristics that straight shower baths have, as well as the numerous advantages they bring.

What exactly is Corner Hot Tub?

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Before we talk about the shape of the square it is crucial to know what a shower bath actually is. It is a mix of two functions, shower and bath into an entire unit. This means that you can have both using straight shower bath. Although it comes in different designs, the one that is square from every side offers amazing benefits. There are such shapes within each of the L and I letters.

the one side of this tub is straight and the other side has an extended edge. The wider end provides a more spa-like bath experience. It’s because this area is larger due to its larger side. You can sit comfortably and easily.

Why you need a Corner Hot Tubs?

Corner Hot Tubs

The typical size of a bathtub across the UK has diminished in the course of time. Although both showers and bathtubs offer distinct advantages the installation of both in one bathroom will require plenty of space and money. It is nearly impossible to install both. But, manufacturers have come up with new technologies that allow you can use both of them with one fixture. 

One of these single fixtures is the Corner hot tub. It is possible to put a shower in the bigger side, and sit and enjoy the shower. This is why you don’t require separate fixtures which will provide incredible space and cost savings.

What to Expect From Corner Hot Tub?

Corner Hot Tub

You will get the following advantages from this shower.

Space-saving design

If you’re living in a small bathroom the space will always be in short supply, so it is important to make maximum benefit from the space available. The straight bath panel was created with a full understanding of a bathroom that is compact. This makes them ideal for bathrooms with small space. 

It is possible to install them with ample space to put different items in your bathroom. The sleek design provides plenty of space for bathing and doesn’t cause obstacles for other activities. Bathrooms can be cleaned easily without crashing into panels that are not needed.

Modern Design :

Modern Design

Modern art and technology combine perfectly to make this shower tub. The clean and sleek style adds to the beauty when they are installed inside the bathroom. The modern look added to the overall look of the bathroom. 

The straight shower baths can enhance the worth of your home since everyone is drawn to the extra features available within the bathroom. In the end, your bathroom will get new look following installing these panels.

A great help in living a healthy and balanced way of life:


These shower baths ideal for modern-day style however, they also offer multiple benefits for health. Hydrotherapy is a practice that has been used throughout history, where the use of cold and hot water can provide a wealth of advantages for the body.

 Bathtubs are a great aid to carrying the benefits of these treatments which range from improving heart health to easing muscle tension and aiding breathing. In addition, bathing in hot water reduces your blood sugar. Also, by giving modern appearance to your bathroom straight shower tubs are also beneficial to your well-being.

Cost Savings:

In addition to having a variety of options and a modern style Straight shower baths are extremely cost-effective. They are of top quality and have a stylish design it is possible to purchase these bathtubs for a very low price. Their affordability allows them to be the hearts of many people. 

However, the price is contingent on the style and the size you pick. The larger bathtubs will have a greater price than the regular ones. It’s your decision how much you’re willing to pay for one of those straight bathtubs to your bathroom.

Many styles of options:

The shower bath comes with several paint options to suit your preference in colour. You can pick between light and dark shades, based on the color of your bathroom tiles. The standard bath panels are available in white ceramic that is a versatile choice for any bathroom design.

 Customers can however alter the color to suit their preference. In the end, with all the choices, dimensions, and designs there is a wide range of choices when purchasing straight shower bathtubs.

It is the Corner Hot Tubis the need of any home in which the space is constrained because of small bathrooms. The limited space is the biggest issue facing the majority of homeowners when they remodel their bathrooms. It’s a fact that homes of the general population are smaller in the UK relative to other parts of Europe.

 This is the largest impact on bathrooms since people are trying to reduce every space in order to incorporate it into other rooms. In such a situation fittings and fixtures that are standard size might be too large for space. Furthermore it’s always an ideal idea to cut down every inch of space to create space for other appliances. 

So, manufacturers have created the concept of small fixtures that do not only look fashionable but also allow you to make the bathroom more space-saving. The toilet might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to the need to save space. However there are a variety of toilets with compact sizes available on the market.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the possibilities of space-saving toilets available to you.

How can Corner Hot Tub UK help?

It is likely that you already know that bathtubs come in a variety of designs. They are however standard bathtubs that work well for bathrooms of average size. If you’re in a smaller bathroom or cloakroom you might want to consider a smaller size toilet. The amount of space saved is contingent on the design and features. The good thing is that these styles of toilets can be found in smaller sizes.

 But, not every design provides the same level of space-saving. It is important to choose the right style based on the layout of your bathroom. Because of factors, such as the lack to break the wall in order to accommodate a cistern, you might not be able install the wall-mounted model. It could occur the same way for other kinds of.

In Search Of Corner Hot Tub?

In this article, we will have the discussion of the Corner hot tub. It is a practical and visually pleasing feature to add to your bathroom. Here at Royal Bathrooms UK, we offer all sorts of fixtures and fittings for sale at a reasonable cost. Visit our website for more information regarding our current offerings.