Every brand loves excellent packaging. If you sell delicate goods, make sure they are packaged in beautiful pillow boxes.

Special pillow packaging can be used to protect cosmetics, perfumes, and jewelry. Many companies offer custom pillow boxes that they can use to increase your shop’s sales.

You can choose from unlimited colors, stunning designs, and whimsical styles to match your wholesale box experience.

You can enhance your brand’s identity by providing great packaging pillow boxes. How can you improve your brand identity? These are the most recent techniques that you can use to enhance your brand identity.

Design Your Brand

Look at these excellent design components before you start the design phase. Start with the base of your design and build the foundation. The design structure is what you should be focusing. Your design structure shapes your brand identity. Decide the foundation of your design. For example, structure a logo. Then, do thematic mapping for your brand.

Use the magic of typography to create custom pillow boxes.

Typography is a type of font. You can use the typography tool to create small and large pillows for branding purposes. Your brand should use a distinctive font style that is easily recognized by the market. Your logo font should be eye-catching and stand out.

A pillow box probably may not be what you envision when you think of buying packages. But maybe they should. This customized pillow box shape is unique and has a superior evaluation to all other product boxes.

Hire competent company services to get pillow boxes wholesale for a great deal.

These are the four most important types of typography.

Custom pillow boxes
Custom pillow boxes

Display Fonts

Each display font is unique. Each display font has an attractive component. 

You can have unusual shapes, shadowing, outlines or letters. Or, you can make it artistic with hand-drawn edges, such as the bold font.

pillow box with window displays is a great way to make a memorable statement about your brand identity. The window display box will showcase your products beautifully, as well as the font.

custom pillow boxes
custom pillow boxes

Script Typography

Script typography can be described as cursive handwriting. This font gives your customers a luxurious feeling by displaying the delicacy and elegance of your products.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts include Times New Roman and Garamond font styles. This font style is ideal if you are looking to project a trusted or traditional brand image. This font style has a vintage feel.

Font forms like Helvetica or Franklin Gothic have smooth edges but don’t include the anchor and feet. The sans serif font gives the brand a modern and sleek look.

Do not forget to include Shapes.

Make sure to choose the form and shape of your design. The meanings of the shapes and forms imprinted on pillow boxes are precise. Be careful when selecting the shapes. If you create your logo in a circular form with soft edges and a square with sharp edges, it will get a different response than if you do the same thing.

Learn how shapes and designs can affect your pillow packaging.

Straight edges shapes

Straight edges can be squares, rectangles, and triangles. It can use these shapes to package pillows by adding color and fun dynamics.

Straight Lines

Straight lines are vertical style lines that give off amazing vibes. With the addition of consecutive lines, the pillowcases with handles will look amazing.

Round forms

Round shapes include ovals, circles, and ellipses that all add warmth. Round shapes are a great way to promote love by using them in your corrugated pillows boxes. This shape will give the box a more smooth appearance.

Color Palette: Importance

The power of color is a powerful motivator. The psychological connections that people have to different colors are what make them buy your products. Using these colors in your branding and logo can make a big difference in how they perceive your brand.


It can use this color at special events. The Christmas packaging for custom pillow boxes wholesale will be outstanding and appealing.


Orange is a color that has high energy. It’s excellent for making your pillows playful. It can use this color for Halloween pillow boxes.


Yellow is the color of happiness. Your pillow boxes will look amazing with this color. Grab affordable custom boxes to protect your goods.


It is versatile. It can use it for your products, OK—people associate green with money and nature.


Blue color can help make your brand more trustworthy and stable. Get blue pillows to increase your brand’s integrity instantly.


Purple is the color associated with power and luxury. This color packaging can be used for premium goods such as custom eye shadow packaging.


Culturally, pink is associated with femininity. This color gives you a luxurious or soft identity. On women’s days, you can give a pink custom pillow boxes.


Black is a classy color. Black is an exquisite color that can make your brand look modern and sophisticated. It can adorn the black pillow boxes with gold foiling to make them look royal and luxurious.

A fast custom boxes company can help you get these fantastic custom pillows boxes for your brand. They have excellent reviews, and it will deliver your pillows boxes quickly with incredible artwork and superior construction.