Plastic surgery is an excellent option for many people, and these advanced treatments can be used to treat a wide range of cosmetic problems. However, plastic surgery is not suitable for everyone, and you will need to do some research and consider some different variables before undergoing any type of procedure. Fortunately, with a solid plan and a skilled Atlanta plastic surgery team at your side, you will be able to rejuvenate your looks and boost your confidence.

Choose an action

There are many different cosmetic procedures to choose from, and each procedure has its own pros and cons. To decide which procedure is right for you, you may want to browse some before and after photos. These images will give you a better idea of ​​the types of results each process can produce. After you search through some of the images, you can then schedule a consultation with your surgeon to discuss your overall goals. With this information, your surgeon can help you come up with an effective treatment plan.

The importance of a healthy patient

One of the best things a patient can do before a cosmetic procedure is to improve his general health. When you suffer from any health problems, your risk of developing complications after surgery will go up dramatically. Before you meet the plastic surgery team, you should consider replenishing your diet. Your surgeon will also suggest quitting tobacco products and limiting alcohol intake. If you are currently taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications, you may have to change your medication schedule as well. Some of the current medications may interact negatively with the painkillers and antibiotics that you will be given.

Your initial appointment: plastic surgery

Once you do some research and see some pictures, you will then need to schedule your first appointment with a surgeon. During this meeting, your surgeon will examine you for any medical issues that may affect your recovery or the results. They will also be able to explain your procedure in detail so you know exactly what is going to happen. When the first appointment is complete, you will be given a comprehensive set of instructions that you must follow as closely as possible. You will also be able to select the date for the action itself.

Surgery and recovery: plastic surgery

For most cosmetic procedures, you should expect to be in the surgical center most of the day. Even if the procedure only takes an hour or two, the anesthetic will not wear off right away. If you will be using general anesthesia or a deep sedative, you will need to have a loved one ready to take you home as soon as you are cleared by the surgical team. You will be awake when you leave the center, but you will be too groggy to drive.

What happens during the recovery period depends on the type of procedure that was performed. The average patient should expect to rest in bed for at least a few days until their body recovers. In this stage, they will be able to move around and carry out light work and daily tasks as long as they are very careful. By the fifth or sixth week, most plastic surgery patients have fully recovered from their operations.