When you are a breeder, you know just how costly every effort can be when attempting to impregnate your or another breeder’s dog. That is why you need to properly plan every step throughout the process and be extra heedful of every one you take. If you do not, the chance of an unsuccessful pregnancy is greatly increased.

That is where MR Diagnostics Services comes in to assist you. Their top-of-the-line equipment and tools can help you in numerous ways to further improve the likelihood of canine pregnancies. They are one of very few companies that offers such products and services. Just like you do, they take your canine pregnancies seriously.

One of their most popular products is their dog progesterone tests, which every breeder should know well and have in their dog breeding toolbelt to greatly increase successful pregnancies. Let’s have a deeper look at this particular device by discussing what it is, why it’s a great advantage for a breeder to have, and what offerings MR Diagnostic has that are the best.

What is a Dog Progesterone Test?
Progesterone, to start off with, is a hormone found in all mammals. It is produced by both females and males, though it is only secreted in small amounts in males. Females have two primary hormones: estrogen and progesterone.

Progesterone is secreted by the corpus luteum, which is a temporary endocrine gland. The hormone is released in its highest concentration on or around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. This is vital, as this secretion is what triggers the ovum, or the egg, to be released from the ovary. This is ovulation and, as breeders already know, is the optimal time for insemination.

Progesterone also helps in preparing the body for pregnancy, as it is the main force behind the endometrium thickening and not shedding.

A dog progesterone test, as you might have already guessed by now, helps in providing clarity for breeders timewise. It shows progesterone levels and if it is the optimal time to attempt insemination or not. This, in turn, can greatly increase the likelihood of impregnation and a successful litter.

Why Use a Dog Progesterone Test?
As mentioned above, the chances that the female would become pregnant are greatly increased, since the breeder will know for sure when is the best time to inseminate. Plus, it can greatly reduce other negative side effects that go along with repeated attempts, such as infections and stress.

Best Options for Dog Progesterone Tests
At MR Diagnostic Services, they have several effective and reliable progesterone tests you can use when attempting to breed your canine. Here is a list of these tests for you to choose from:

●V200 & V2400 Bionote
●Cube Vet
●Finecare Vet
●Quick Scan 1000
●Mini Vidas
●Immulite 1000

Are you unsure of which one would be best for you? Fortunately, they have a detailed buyer’s guide for progesterone tests that you can look at to find the right one for you and your canine.

Being a professional breeder can be a rewarding experience, but increasing the likelihood of success is never a bad idea. If you have any questions about dog progesterone tests or dog breeding in general, you can contact MR Diagnostic Services directly on their website.

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