Metropolitans are a great place to be if you dig networking and meeting new people. Whether it’s New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, or Paris, these large cities have plenty to offer residents and visitors. For someone from a town or village, adjusting to the fast-paced life and oceans of humanity can often be an incredible feat.

Then there are those seeking residence in a metro to meet interesting people and visit places that don’t exist in their hometowns. Some find the woman of their dreams, while others return home with empty pockets. Anybody moving to a metro after graduating from University wants to know about the parties and chances of getting laid over the weekend! Some never recover from the shock of being rejected by multiple lovely ladies!

An experienced gentleman’s advice

If you plan to spend an extended amount of time in a large city, there are certain ground realities that your friends should share with you. Whether you sleep with someone or don’t, you should have a decent level of staying power and know how to move from first base to third gradually. Cumming too soon can be awkward and embarrassing.

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Final thoughts and the takeaway

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