Here is the complete information about F95zone. Looking for a place to expand your MMO audience and attract enthusiastic and dedicated gamers? Or, you can have a single-player game with some virtual goods available for purchase.

Either way, look no further: The F95zone is the ideal home for your game, connecting you with an active and best community of players!

We are a global pure game e-commerce and technology company in the video game industry due to an unhealthy obsession to bring the magic of games to the world.

The knowledge, data, and intellectual property of our geeks are at the core of our business and our motivation to become a leader in video systems gaming technology every day.

Attracts a large number of top players:

F95zone reaches millions of unique users every month. They come mainly from the USA and North America and North / Western Europe.

They are often the main players who have a console system and spend a lot of time and money playing. They look for competitive multiplayer games to show their skills and knowledge with other players.

Easy integration: 

Integration with the F95zone is relatively fast, especially for engineers familiar with iframe and portal APIs. Many of our games are generally migrated to the F95 zone in about 2 working days by a developer.

It is necessary to integrate three APIs (payment of Kreds, authentication, and statistics), as well as some minor adjustments to use with the F95zone user flow and iframes. Single-player games do not require certification and can usually be integrated in less than a day.

Our services: 

F95 zone was raised by innovation and independent culture of Flash games, and we grew up as publishers of modern indie games PC, consoles and mobile devices. ” truly guided by the tireless spirit of helping indie developers create extraordinary games.

We provide developers with various publishing services, and this is where we start:


Whether it is diagnosing complicated design problems or catching the idea of user interface changes, our team will provide feedback and support at every step.

Development funds: 

We can help reduce the investment gap through various levels of funding according to the individual needs of your team.

Integrated Marketing: 

We help solve independent marketing games and provide advanced design guidance, store pages, public relations, influencers, social media strategies, program strategies, etc.

Internal QA: 

Our QA team carefully rated our games to eliminate the most challenging bugs and prepared our developers for the complexities of console certification. “

Global localization and release: 

We can help you publish worldwide through our expertise in foreign languages and partners.

Platform support and relationships:

We release on all PC, mobile, and console platforms, and are always ready for the next generation.

Earn more:

Since we want to make sure your game has a chance of success, joining the F95 zone paid plan will include some initial promotions to help players get into the game?

We will place featured ads on the website (at least 1 million free impressions) and, if the game gets a high score, we will place it in the new games section for popular on the home page.

F95 zone shares revenue with developers, which takes many forms: 

Virtual goods revenue: 70% of purchases made with in-game F95 zone are shared with developers, 30% goes to F95 zone. These divisions are the total revenue generated and the fees paid to the supplier are included in our revenue share.

Ad revenue: We also share up to 50% of ad revenue game pages. The exact amount varies based on the current market and promotions, but for developers, the eCPM is typically between $1.00 and $2.00.

Partner Program: 

In some cases, if we think we can accept the promotion of your big game, we may offer to change our partner after the planning options are released.

They operate according to the revised revenue distribution and in return receive a large number of F95 zone guaranteed promotions. Whether we make you an offer is always up to you to decide if you want to become a partner, but so far our partners are happy that they have changed.

As before, the F95 zone is pleased to continue to provide revenue-sharing and royalties to developers publishing games on any platform F95zone! Your game does not need to implement its payment system to generate income.

We hope to collect all the information of developers in one place, including the revenue opportunities for developers, and simplify the process so that it is consistent for all developers. We expect to upload updated developer revenue terms and conditions around September.

In other words, we would like to inform you that the F95 zone Will stop providing in-game rewards in exchange for players voluntarily watching advertising videos.

Great MMO & Amplifier; F95 zone Virtual Goods Game: 

F95 zone already has a variety of paid games and is always looking to expand its library. These games tend to have depth and complexity, and there are intricate social interactions in the games.

For single-player games, the most successful so far is idle games and tower defense games, but in the F95 zone, the single-player virtual goods field is still largely undeveloped, and we would love to hear his games.


GamesAid is a British video game charity that acts as an umbrella to support various small charities and help Vulnerable groups and disabled children and young people. “ F95 zone has made their collaboration with GamesAid, to help disabled.


We believe in goodwill, respect, and do. We work tirelessly to ensure that our developers receive great respect, trust, and care. We believe that the best game development is sustainable, interesting, and beneficial

F95zone Studios:

We are always looking for a support team, whether they are novices or veterans. Although we are open to all areas, historically, our games were made by small teams developed for PCs, game consoles, and mobile devices.

Meet the team:

We are proud of our F95 zone team, please meet everyone who made us the publisher today.