As you become more invested in your personal hobby of smoking cigars, you will spend much more time using your cigar accessories and looking at them in a new light. You will start to pick up on times when your products just do not seem to work as they should or as you would want them to, especially as you begin to test out more premium cigar brands that come with a higher price tag. Essentially, you will want your cigar accessories to keep up with your developing preferences for cigars. One of the most functional accessories we see people own, even if they do not smoke much, is a cigar cutter. It is an invaluable tool for enjoying cigars that you need in order to get started with your smoke. Most cigars are capped at the end and need to be cut before smoking, so you will want a trusty, reliable cigar cutter that can get the job done day after day for years.

Perhaps you are not happy with the cutter you have been using all this time and feel you are ready for an upgrade. If you want to step up your cigar kit, the tool you use for cutting all of your cigars is a good place to start. Once you begin looking closer at all of your options for cigar cutters, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, since there is a considerable number of options for you to choose, but you do not have to worry. We are going to break things down here and demystify cigar knives so that you can figure out which one sounds the most appropriate for you. There are several different types, but we are going to go over the most common and popular ones that are easy to find in cigar shops and use in your own life. With this simple breakdown, you should be better prepared to decide which type of cigar cutter you want to invest in for your personal use.

The Guillotine
Each of these types of cigar cutters are fairly easy to recognize just based on the names. The guillotine style cigar knife cuts like a guillotine would, by dropping down a blade onto the end of the cigar. Double ended ones are quite precise and create a clean, quick cut. These are typically the most affordable and are very easy to use. You will likely find plenty of these at any cigar shop you look at.

The next option is the v-cutter, also known as the wedge cut. These are very similar to the classic guillotine cutters, but have the special trait of creating a wedge into the end of the cigar without completely removing the wrapper there. It does not leave the entire end open, which many people prefer and it helps to avoid cutting too deeply into the cigar.

Punch Cut
The last one we want to mention today is the punch cutter. This one works by punching a hole right into the end of the cigar cap, instead of cutting off the wrapper. It is meant to provide just enough of a pathway for smoke without exposing the inner tobacco leaves unnecessarily. It is clean and neat, but does not work with all types of cigars like torpedo shapes.

Shop online and check out all of these cigar knives for yourself before you settle on the one (or maybe even two) that is right for you. You can find lots of options for different types of cigar cutters online at, where they sell premium cigars and cigar accessories. While you are there, you can also pick out a few new brands that you have been meaning to try out. Check them out and find the perfect cigar cutter for your stash.

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