The rustic decor has a way of making a place seem like a home. An urban home that incorporates French rural design might feel like it’s nestled in a little French town.

It’s impossible to deny that the French rural style is lovely. In the style of Provence, France, which is known for its rolling hills and lavender fields, whimsical, feminine accents are combined with more traditional, rustic aspects. To say that this is a winning combination would be an understatement.

You can’t help but fall in love with French country-style bedrooms and their little French-style bedside table that ultimately elevates the look of the bedroom itself. It’s hard not to dream about spending the night in an idyllic French farmhouse, possibly near a winery. And French country-style apartments in the city are designed to evoke that vibe. A bedroom in the French country style is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, with everything from rural elements to French elegance.

For the hopeless romantics out there, here are a few French-inspired bedroom ideas written just for you.

For Your Rustic Attic Bedroom
By following a few simple rules, period and contemporary homeowners alike may obtain the dreamy, French-inspired bedroom décor they’ve always dreamed of. To set the tone, use a classic-style frame with sinuous curves and opulent treatment like gilding or deep-buttoned upholstery in a traditional French manner. One of the most eye-catching features of a rustic attic bedroom is a stunning antique French bed with a floral embroidery headboard. Don’t forget about the lovely French-style bedside table, which stands out well on its own. Consider using soft, light, and airy colors in your room to get a more contemporary effect in a French bedroom. To create a sophisticated romantic motif, combine toile patterns and soft-hued tapestries with bucolic sceneries and clean white linens.

For Your Whitewashed Bedroom
If you’re looking for a relaxing French bedroom, don’t be afraid to keep things simple by painting the walls a neutral color. Accentuate a white room with nutty tones to keep it from seeming too clinical. Using warm lighting instead of chilly lighting can help create a secluded cabin feel. The walls, and even the flooring, should be whitewashed, and the rest of your furniture should be white as well. Then, choose items of décor that contrast and complement the white color scheme. Textured accessories made of recycled materials, wood, and natural stone combine beautifully with natural colors, complementing and enriching the room and truly bringing it to life. Those colors, which are primarily inspired by nature and natural materials, help to create a tranquil and harmonious French-inspired bedroom.

For Your Grand Preference
If you like exquisite French bedrooms over more… rustic ones, here is the place to go. Use this portion of the article to get some ideas for your own work. To enhance the impression of space in this area, custom storage solutions, intelligent furniture placement, reflective surfaces, and a light color palette are all employed, with complementing textiles and colors tying everything together… Eloquence® is the place to go if you’re looking for cottage chic or French country-style furniture pieces. Make sure to register first, so that you can be notified whenever new goods that fall into that category are added to the site’s inventory.

An air of shabby chic will complete the French rural style. Distressed and aged textiles are what you’re looking for in antique French-style bedroom furniture. The rustic style lends itself well to soft, subdued color palettes. There are plenty of Parisian apartments that combine country-style decor with a more modern aesthetic, and the result is stunning.

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