Get Special Scary Halloween Candle Packaging Boxes

Candles play more roles than just enlightening the house. Now candles are used as decoration and fragrance. Candles are becoming an essential part of many events like birthdays, weddings, and many others. Similarly, without candles, a Halloween party is considered incomplete. This day of 31st October is celebrated at different places in the world. Especially in the USA. There is a holiday on this day which is celebrated in the memory of those people who died at this say. So, to give a spooky feel people use candles that produce a spooky fragrance and horror feel at this night.

Packaging play’s vital role to increase the sale of this highly demanded item especially on the occasion of Halloween custom Candles Boxes are the best option for you to boost up your sale. For the protection of this delicate item and to attract people we are providing the most stunning style and printing candle boxes. Get your desired candle boxes with your brand name and logo and get the advantage of sessional marketing. Because the demand for the candles increased three times in this season so, avail the best opportunity and introduce your item in the market in tempting boxes.

Innovative Designs Candle Boxes

As there is a great innovation in the candle styles similarly there is a great innovation in the packaging. Most candles are coming in evil and ghost shapes so their packaging should be accordingly. We are offering an unbeatable variety from which you can choose of your choice. You can also customize as you want.   

• Pumpkin Design

Pumpkin is the most essential Halloween element that symbolizes rebirth. Give a pumpkin touch to your candle packaging. As pumpkins are designed in horrifying style, so give a scary look to your Candles Boxes by using a window die-cut. Customize your boxes for candles wholesale in pumpkin style with the widow die-cut in the style that can show the open mouth or the eyes. Or at the open mouth style die-cut, you can print the teeth. It is an amazing and cool feature.

• Hunted House

Gabble boxes are the best option to give a hunted house look to the packaging. Making these boxes with black color and using a die-cut in it is the perfect style of candles boxes for this Halloween.

• Blac Dark Cave

Two-piece boxes or front and reverse end tuck boxes with a window die-cut by using some accessories as a spider Webb give a terrifying look to your boxes. You can also use a PVC sheet on the die-cut to keep the candles safe from contaminants.

Besides these styles, there are many more that you can see on our website. You can also design your boxes according to your wish. Just tell us what you want and get exactly your ideal boxes.  

Get the Premium Quality Packaging

The protection of this delicate item is the main concern because these are made with wax, so the chance of damage is more on the high-temperature place and while shipping. So, to protect the premium quality cardboard and corrugated material is used by the boxes manufacturing companies. These are heat-resistant materials that give protection against the heat and keep the candles safe from melting. Not just save them melting but also keep the environment pollution free as these are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Another important material that is used in manufacturing is Kraft paper. It plays an important role to keep the candles safe from scratching. Manufacturing companies wrapped the candles in this paper and then pack in boxes for games to keep them safe.

Furthermore, for the protection and maintain the shape of candles insertion can be used. It will keep these special candles safe while shipping and deliver them safe and sound at their destination.

Candle Boxes with Spooky Typography

Give a spooky touch to your candles boxes by using scary text. It is a unique way to attract customers. Our experts know how to make your boxes tempting that can grab the customers’ attention just at first glance. It is the best chance for you to introduce your brand in the market among thousands of other brands. Avail of the services of experts and make your candle boxes mysterious by the spooky typography.

You can also print a message on the boxes. It will enhance the value of your product. For typography, we are offering advanced printing styles that you can choose according to your desire. It is the best and cheap way to prominent your brand name in the market. Use an embossing technique that will make your brand name or other typography prominent. Furthermore, we are also offering raised ink and many more printing styles.

Before printing the boxes, always try to choose the right color scheme. As Halloween is associated with evil and dead so use dark colors for the candle boxes. If you do not like to choose any other color just black and orange colors are the best option.

Special Discount on Boxes this Halloween

These Halloween candles are already a little expensive as compared to simple candles. Candle manufacturing companies already spend a large part of their budget on the candles in this situation, if they use the expensive material or spend more money on the boxes it might make their product out of reach to the customers. To make it economical so that most people can buy your product and enjoy the event we are offering minimum prices. The minimum price does not mean the quality of the candle boxes is low. We never compromise on it, that is why we are well known in the market due to our low rates and best quality. You can get great discounts on buying bulk this Halloween.

Why iCustomBoxes?

You can get boxes from any customizing company, but the great discount or quality that we are providing at iCustom Boxes you cannot find anywhere. We aim to give you maximum benefits and take your brand to the next level. ICB is the best supplier of candle boxes. Not just low prices and premium quality we are also offering a fast and free shipping facility.