Donuts are liked by every age group of people. For the packaging of this most demanded bakery item companies try to use different packaging styles so that they can attract more customers to increase their sales. Every brand wants to present this delicate sweet item in a different style. So, ICB is offering more innovative, stylish donut packaging boxes. Our expert team knows how to promote your brand with stunning and unique packaging.

donut boxes

You are free to design your boxes. Tell us, what is in your mind we will give them a physical shape. We provide premium quality material to make your ideal boxes so that you do not lose your customers. Because it is the main thing that can affect on the customers, especially when they are purchasing the food items and help them to make the decision either they are purchase or not.

The benefit of using the quality material is that it can keep your food item fresh for a long time and keep it safe from moisture, dust, and other contaminants. So, to fulfill all the packaging need cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft paper is the best option. Now it is depended on you what you want for the manufacturing of your Donut Boxes.

Get custom logo to enhance the brand level

Packaging is not used just for protection, but it plays many more functions. Custom printed donut boxes are the best and cheap option for brand advertisement. Get the premium quality donut boxes with your brand name, logo, or slogan and enhance your brand. Its trend of trade market to use the brand name for the recognition of the brand. So that people can know that which brand of donuts they are eating.

A great variety of printing styles is available in the market. You can contact us for unique printing of brand elements on the donut boxes in Canada. Make it prominent with embossing, or if you want to give a shiny look then silver and gold foiling is the best option. It will allow the customers to recognize your brand easily from a distance among thousands of other brands.

Furthermore, you can have some other advanced printing facilities like:

  • 2D, 3D printing
  • Raised ink
  • Offset printing
  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing

Our team of experts knows how to design your brand name or logo by using advanced printing technologies. You are free to choose any printing design but always try to select sensible colors. We are here to assist you to choose the right color scheme that will exactly match your brand theme. Custom donut packaging boxes with cheerful colors and tempting style are the best option to grab the customer’s heart.

donut boxes

Make attractive Custom Donut Boxes for better response

Appealing design and printing play a vital role in attracting customers. To make the boxes more appealing, we are offering some additional features that can give a stunning look to the boxes.

Window die-cut 

When there is a matter of food items, people do not want to take the risk of purchasing without seeing it. In this situation, Donut boxes with a window die-cut prove the best option. Window die-cut with a PVC sheet not just keep safe or fresh your sweet item but also allow the customers to have a direct look at them. It will urge the customers to buy this mouth-watering item.

Using insertion is another amazing feature that can enhance the worth of your product, and it will give you a better response. Insertion helps to keep the donuts at their place and keep them safe from crushing while delivery.

Furthermore, you can use ribbons of beautiful colors to give a luxurious look to the donut packaging.

Donut Boxes

Types of Donut Boxes at ICB

At iCustom Boxes, you can get an unbeatable variety of donut packaging boxes. You are free to choose any of them in any size you want. A little glimpse is given below:

  • Auto bottom boxes
  • Sleeve and tray boxes
  • Two-piece boxes
  • Front and reverse end tuck boxes
  • Clamshell boxes
  • Gabble boxes, and many more

Choose any style with the cool feature mentioned above to enhance your sale and get maximum profit.

Give your order to get a special discount

Getting desired boxes with premium quality material is a difficult task. Many companies are customizing boxes, but they charge very high to design your desired boxes. iCustom Boxes is the best supplier of donut boxes wholesale in Canada. If you want to buy bulk, but you are worried about the rates come to us. We are offering great discounts for premium quality donut boxes. Furthermore, we are not just providing affordable rates but also free shipping. Do not worry about the time. We are taking minimum manufacturing time. Place your order that will be on your door within time. We are providing error-free boxes, and all boxes are checked before shipping to make confirm that all the boxes are fine. We deliver custom printed boxes in assembling or dissemble form as per the client’s desire. For the satisfaction of our clients, we are also offering a free mock-up sample. Call us without wasting time and get these amazing facilities and give a boost to your business.


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