Beaches are clearly tempting spots that satisfy the cravings of itchy feet. Talking regarding Gokarna Beach that lies in the state is an absolute scenic beautiful place to live and visit. This place seems like true seventh heaven that wipes the souls’ clutches and sets the spirit to dive or live freely. Basking at the beach can totally uplift your mood. Gokarna is one of every 3 beaches in Gokarna city on the northern state coast. They are often approached solely by crossing a hill, on the opposite aspect of where the beaches lie. Gokarna maybe around 250 km from Mangalore and driving on your own is a stack to crack with a road packed with gorgeous scenes of the Delta beach, Murudeshwar, etc. The drive itself is wonderful. Once you reach there, you gotta stray and pay a visit to each beach that is extremely gorgeous. It’s totally happening however at a constant time very peacefully. It is a must to go to beaches that really induce a romantic mood. Bucolic sights and beers somehow can get your heart to bubble. 


A fine-looking mix of holy sacred places and also the most wonderful, clean beaches in the coastal state. Drive down from state and skill the distinction tho’ 2 completely different worlds. Gokarna, a fine-looking village has Mahabaleshwar temple, Kotitirtha, and few holy places with bird’s-eye Gokarna main beach, Om, Half Moon, Paradise-like beaches, vibhuti falls, and Yana rocks ( lined severally ). Ample selections of keeping really on a beach with masses choices of beach stay, accommodation. One would want simply 3 days for a snug, leisure trip. Gokarna is solely a Heaven on Earth. terribly silent and peaceful place. you’ll be able to notice foreigners staying for many weeks on this beach. Gokarna Mahabaleshwar is essentially a spiritual place wherever the traditional knife Temple is found. The tranquility of the temples quite cures your blues. Individuals come back from all components of the country to worship Lord Shiva. Gokarna may be a village however with plenty of hotels. Hotels and meals are at the lowest compared to the remainder of the country. individuals are nice and extremely wonderful for family journeys. 

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What this beach has for you 

The food choices play an important role for the tourists to set up their journey to a specific place. this can be the explanation why a large sort of cuisines and Non-veg and feeder food attracts a unique set of guests. Gokarna relies on a number of the foremost lovely beaches in the Asian nation and it’s a hidden gem that has started gaining its shine over the amount. Being with reference to the ocean, food has developed jointly of the prime ingredients within the native cooking. 

The dishes to should wear are: 

  • Seer grill 
  • Patrode 
  • Prawn Masala
  •  Clam curry 
  • Todadevu Shoppers 


Try this successful shot. Load your notecase, assume a try of comfortable shoes, saunter through the colorful very little streets and do some shopping! Car Street is that the business lifeline of Gokarna. the road is flanked by retailers and stalls marketing colorful wares. looking here is one rewardful thanks to having interaction with the locals. Most speak Kannada or Konkani however affirmative you’ll be able to manage well with English too. Decades of reformist flow have seasoned the shopkeepers to speak and sell to foreigners with considerable ease. It would pay you to brush up on your negotiation skills before you enter automotive Street. 

You can shop: 

  • Brass lamps and alternative Pooja appurtenances 
  • Kallu sakkare 
  • Musical Instruments 
  • Books 
  • Organic and Herbals merchandise 
  • Clothes 


This place has an abundance of stuff to love the moments on your trip. Gokarna beach looks completely marveling and imposing with the emerald inexperienced forests, Crystal Sandy glit, astounding view, clear elegant blue ocean, and far additional. It’s a beauty to love nature’s walk, swimming, adding a picnic to your day, ice climbing, Sunbathing, feeling the seventh heaven, checking upon shacks to crunch your munch, wandering for look stops then on. This spot may be a paradise for journey seekers because it has some exciting and thrilling activities to offer- Jet sport, skin-dive, Surfing, Snorkelling, bivouacking, and on. Don’t miss it all!