Did you know that Spain is one of the most enchanting European countries for an inevitable motorbike riding experience? The beautiful nature that surrounds the fantastic paths for motorcycling is something you will always remember. For all enthusiasts, it is the famous Silver Route 66.

Originally, the Silver Route 66 connected Roman Hispania with the northern coast of Spain. It’s an itinerary that’s long over 800 kilometers on the N-630 and the A-66. Nowadays, this famous Spanish route is lined with wonderful nature and places that are perfect for motorcycling. 

Even though three days is enough to complete the whole route, which also includes sightseeing stops, motorcyclists are able to extend it as they wish or take side trips all along the way. However, before we continue explaining this wonderful Spanish route, let’s see how one serious motorbiker needs to prepare for the trip, shall we? 

Preparation for the famous Spanish route

Preparing for an unforgettable ride in Spain is an adventure in itself because it requires several things. First of all, it is crucial for your motorbike to have an adequate alarm designed for motorbikes. The priority should be the safety of your motorcycle from any potential theft.

Another important thing that serious bikers shouldn’t forget is the proven good and quality biker equipment such as helmet, gloves, windproof and waterproof jacket, good biker boots and pants, as well as possible upholstery due to bad weather.

Once you’re 100% sure that your motorbike and you are well prepared for the route, let’s see where does all that route goes, shall we?

The Historic Route on the A-66 and N-630 roads

During the Roman Empire, the Silver Route 66 was Spain’s main communications route. Today, the A-66 and N-630 roads enable motorcyclists to follow it and enjoy on their motorbikes. 

The route runs from Seville, which is a town situated in Andalusia, Southern Spain and it goes to Gijon, a town located in Asturias, in the north of the country. Bikers are able to take their motorbike or hire one in Spain. They are also able to book an organized, guided trip if they’re absolute beginners or want to explore Spain with an experienced guide. 

What is interesting about the Silver Route?

Many people from all over the world are asking themselves what is so special and interesting about the famous Spanish Silver Route. We’d like to point out several things that inspired us to present you with this astonishing motorbike route in Spain. 

First of all, there is a great contrast in landscapes. Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of this route is its breathtaking nature. Starting from Seville, it’s clear that you can enjoy the southern landscape that’s dominated by olive groves, Extremadura by wooded pastures, and plateau in central Spain.

Once you reach the north of Spain with your motorbike, you’ll see that route goes deep through green valleys and over spectacular mountain passes. It’s also crucial to know is that this route on the A-66 and N-630 roads represents one of the most modern and fastest roads in Europe! If you’re a big fan of a variety of landscapes while riding your motorbike, this route should definitely be next on your list! 

Why is this route so attractive to bikers?

For those who are wondering what is the secret behind the beautiful Silver Route 66 and why do many bikers choose to experience its enchanting beauties, there are several reasons.

First of all, landscapes that enhance the sense of freedom, and all available services that bikers might need along the way are almost 24/7 available. In case you’re a big fan of motorbike sports, you’d be happy to visit the Fernando Alonso Museum in Gijon, northern Spain. 

In case you visit the Silver Route in the month of August, we recommend you to visit the beautiful La Bañeza in León province since each August there’s a popular race for classic motorbikes on its streets. 

The conclusion is that this is a route that can provide you with a lot of enjoyment, fun and new knowledge, and at the same time it is very motorbike friendly for all the services you want!