Designing the room of your kid is fun in itself. You can add playful designs and colorful styles to the room for making it more pretty. To create space in a kids bedroom Dubai where your child can rest, play and study in a peaceful environment.

Simple furniture décor

When you are gathering the ideas to furnish your child’s bedroom, you need to focus on simple yet joyful fixtures. By installing unique furniture, you can add more space to the kid’s room.

For instance, if you add an L shaped sofa Dubai in the bedroom it will give a healthy look and provide more space for your kid’s activities. This sofa can be used for relaxing or studying or spending time with family members.

Area to play

While making interiors of the room, you must keep in mind that your child needs enough space to have playing activities. Small kids need space for their toys and accessories. You can add a small play area set up in the kid’s room where there is a small slide, a swing, or a toy apartment. You can display some mind games, puzzles at the corner of the room.

Bed space

The most important thing in a kid’s room is the comfortable environment to rest and grow. Children live in the growing phase and need extra care of their comfort zone. Placing a cozy bed is the foremost thing while selecting the furniture of the room.

You can also design the room with a loft bed which doubled the space of the room and has storage options. Loft beds are more attractive for children and can also be useful for school-going kids to have a study table setup below the high bed.

Colorful themes

As we know children are more attracted to a colorful environment. Choosing the right color theme for your kid’s bedroom Dubai is tricky. It all depends on the gender of the child. Girls mostly like pink and white themes while boys adore dark themes with blue color combinations.

Soft carpeting

If you are designing a room for toddlers, you need to focus on soft floor bedding. For small kids who are learning to walk or crawl, you must install a soft carpeted floor to keep them safe.

Study area

For school-going kids, there must be a noise-free environment to study and focus on their learnings. You can add a study desk along with the bed so they can give their productive time on studies. There are many ideas for study tables with bookshelves and writing platforms.

Storage spaces

A kid’s room needs more space for storage as compared to other bedrooms because there are lots of kid’s accessories, toys, clothes, books, and playing gadgets. You can add hanging bookshelves, L shaped sofa Dubai with storage drawers at the button, space-saving furniture, and storage beds.


There are so many unique and attractive ideas to furnish your kids bedroom Dubai. You just need to focus on the preferences and age requirements of your child. You can go with mix and match furniture designs with the overall interior of the room.