Sometimes I imagine those days that were once a part of ancient people’s lives.  There was no television, mobile phones, and even radio with which they could entertain themselves. How tiring it would have been to look at each other’s faces the whole day and for 367 days. If you read a book about ancient civilizations, people made tools with stones and tree branches. These were the only forms of their entertainment. Though as people progressed, many new things began to appear. People could talk with each other, kept animals as their pets, traded in an open market and performed various other activities without any problem. However, there was still one thing that was not possible for them. Forget about the ancients, this thing wasn’t possible a few hundreds of years before.

 We are talking about Communication. When we say communication what do you make out? No, we are not talking about how the people speak or behave but how they used to send their message to their loved ones. Forget about the ancient people, you may even ask your grandparents as most of them will say that it was impossible for them to communicate with their relatives or friends who were living far away. As we know, things evolved and so did people. Many discoveries were made, scientists made various inventions, and the understanding power of humans became much stronger than ever. However, the main thing that worked as the face of change was the advent of technology in our lives.

Technology: The Growth Factor

There are so many factors that lead to the growth of a nation’s economy. However, technology is one such factor that has and is still contributing the maximum towards the growth of a nation. But have you ever thought about how technology changed the world? Well, in that case, this article is meant for you. We will be explaining the beauty, power, and ill side of technology. 

The Beauty

Let’s talk about the beauty of technology. If you are reading this article, you are witnessing the beauty of technology. Let me explain this with an example that everyone would understand. You must be having an account on a single or multiple social media applications. These include Facebook App, Instagram App, Connect App, and many more. All these applications have different in-built features that are all free to use. Using these features, it becomes so much easier for the users to try different things every single day.

As far as our point of view is concerned, the best part of the most beautiful thing about these applications is that they allow us to communicate with our friends and relatives who are living far away. With these applications, we can’t just talk to them but also look at their lovely faces with our own eyes and listen to their lovely voices in real-time. You might be thinking that I am talking about obvious facts. But try to compare these things with the ancient era or the phase when our grandparents were of our age. For them, these things are still amazing.

Moving ahead, let us now discuss the power of technology. 

Power of Technology

There is an infinite number of examples when it comes to explaining the power of technology. Apart from benefiting mankind with its amazing tools, technology also makes nations stronger and powerful. To understand this, let us take an example of any website. Currently, you are reading this article on a website. But do you know keeping this website safe from hackers is a hectic task? If not, let me explain you. 

On a daily basis, all the websites are attacked by serious malware. But with the help of technological tools that offer amazing protection to these websites, it becomes difficult for these hackers to hack someone else’s efforts. Similarly, even if we talk about the overall security of the nation, technology has brought a drastic change. 

Earlier, kings and their governments used to defend their territory with swords, knives, and weapons made of wood. However, later, guns were introduced. Despite being a powerful weapon, guns also have a limited scope of the attack. But with technology came advanced weapons and machinery that could destroy a whole country in a matter of seconds. You now have huge missiles and weapons that are capable of deploying tonnes of grenades in a country that could result in mayhem. 

Moreover, who would have ever thought that there will be a day when we will be able to see how Moon or Sun looks from close. But because of technology, we can now easily look at the Moon and adore its beauty. As we speak of the power of technology, we cannot forget how it promotes harmony among different nations. Every country can be aware of its citizens’ changes in governance or about issues that might have been impossible to know if there was no technology. 

Negative Side of Technology

Last but not the least, just like everything, technology has some cons. Most importantly, all the advantages of technology can be converted into its disadvantages if they become out of control. Talking about weapons, many countries that have huge firepower often suppress smaller countries with their technology. And in all these conflicts, it is normal public that becomes a victim. 

Also, if we talk about social media applications, there are many users who create fake id to molest other users on these social media applications. When it comes to these applications, you will hear many cases where innocent people or artists become a victim of other’s taunts and negative comments. It is not just harmful to society but for one’s growth as well. 

Since we have discussed the beauty, power, and ills of technology, you must have understood that the positive side of technology overpowers its negative side. This is the reason why we are still making the best use of technology in so many ways. After all, it depends completely on a person the way he chooses to you this technology.