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How to Choose the Best Blackout Curtains?

If you are in the market for a new curtain for your bedroom, the blackout curtain is the practical choice that has the ability to block light from entering the room and provide you an ideal environment to have a better sleep. Blackout curtains can easily stop up to 99% of sunlight from entering your space.

Blackout curtains also benefit the people who work overnight shifts. Such people are at risk of health issues because of irregular habits. By having blackout curtains, they can completely block the outside light and create an ideal ambiance to sleep during the day. 

The window blackout curtains in Malibu are indeed the great window treatment option, but it is important to choose the right set of blackout curtains that complement your home décor and serve the basic functions. Simply, the blackout curtains give a final appearance to your place, and therefore, they must be chosen wisely.

Select the right fabric

The function and lifespan of the blackout curtains largely depend on their fabric. Even the way curtains work and look depends on their fabric quality. So, you should know that the blackout curtains are made up of heavier fabrics that can block the light completely.

Curtains are the single layer of fabric that allows light to pass through them, but blackout curtains completely block the light and give a full dark appearance to the room, because of their thicker fabric.

Select any color you love

Because the blackout curtains have the capabilities to block the light, people often think that it is made of only black color fabric. But the fact is blackout curtains can be made of different colors since they are dark. You can pick out blue shade in the blackout curtains with unique patterns and designs. So, if you are worried about the theme of your place, don’t worry as there are different colors available in blackout curtains.

Ensures the curtains entirely cover the window

While deciding the blackout curtains, ensure the selected curtains can fully cover the window, not only lengthwise but widthwise as well. As the blackout curtains completely block the outside light from entering the room, we need to make sure the curtains perfectly fit the window. Simply, measure the size of your window to get the appropriate size blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains installation

If you have installed the curtains earlier as well, then you can easily install the blackout curtains too. They are installed in the same manner as the standard curtains are installed.

TakeawaysChoosing the custom blackout curtain over readily available blackout curtains will help you get the perfect blackout curtains installed in your window. Hence, whether it is blackout curtains or custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas, work with trusted window treatment professionals operating in your area.