Not sure how to figure out the right dosage of CBD products for your pets, or how much dosage can help alleviate stress in pets? Then this write-up is going to help you a lot. Read on!

According to several studies and market reports, CBD is a powerful therapeutic cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. It comes with great potential and can help alleviate stress in pets. However, due to limited studies available on the market, we cannot claim about its working. 

Just like humans, animals also have an endocannabinoid system that works in the same way it works in humans. The Endocannabinoid system or ECS is responsible for brain functioning, appetite, sleep, and other body functioning. When the consumer (human and animal both) add CBD and consume it, CBD properties break down in the digestive system and engage with the natural receptors present in the body. Once the CBD’s properties interact with the receptors and natural cannabinoids of the body, it starts boosting the consumers’ overall health conditions.       

However, finding the right dose for both humans and animals is quite challenging. There are a few factors that you must consider while adding CBD products, including CBD Beef Pet Chews For Dogstreats for pets, and moreTake a look!

Things To Consider Before Giving CBD To Your Pets:

Consumption Method:     

 One of the main factors that you must consider while choosing the right dose for your 

pets are the consumption method. Which way or type of product are you going to give your pet. Here is the list;

  • CBD and Hemp oil
  • Capsules
  • Topical rubs
  • Treats (edibles)

All these forms come with different absorption rates, and due to which in a few products, 2 to 3 drops are enough, but for the product with a low absorption rate, you might need to add much quantity. 

“Note: Here, CBD oil is one of the best options to serve your pets as it offers higher bioavailability and has the ability to show its effects quickly.”

Pet’s Size:

There is no surprise that the CBD dosage also depends on your pet’s size. Simply, there larger pets need more CBD to experience the effects than smaller or new-born babies. Some brands even offer a dosage calculator that helps the customers to measure the right dosage for their pets. 

Here, before adding the exact dosage to your pets’ routine, consult an expert or professional for better guidance and support. Until and unless you are sure about the product’s right measurement, avoid giving it to your pets. For more information visit our website.