You may have walked into your new house and stared at the blank walls thinking of ways to add colour and your own touch to the space. It is important to make your home feel safe, comfortable and happy. If you have rented your home then the chances of getting too creative maybe slightly lower such as painting walls or hanging up paintings. 

It will largely depend on how your landlord feels about the changes. However, if you have built or purchased your house the options to decorate are unlimited. Either way we have some fun and easy to do tips to help you decorate your new space. Adding personal touches and making it as homely as possible. 

Start with your bedroom

At the end of a long day your bedroom should be your little haven of happiness. It is important that a bedroom be designed and decorated in a way that helps you relax and unwind. Lighter pastel colours are suggested as it is easy on the eyes and mind. If you are unable to paint your walls that’s fine there are other ways to decorate it. 

Start with upholstery depending on where you live you will have to select the material accordingly. However, it might be a good idea to have a lighter sheer curtain along with the darker heavy curtains that are going to be used at different times of the year. Use rugs and carpets as accessories and choose comfortable light closured king bed sheets to keep the theme with the rest of the room. 

Invest in easy-to-use gadgets

New technology has made life a lot less complicated, whether it be for entertainment, cleaning or even cooking. Investing in equipment such as blue tooth speakers, vacuum cleaners or even kitchen equipment help time spent on mundane chores. 

It enhances the experience and helps you clean your house faster. If you are someone who loves cooking then investing in the latest kitchen equipment is a great idea. While these are not decorations per se they help enrich life at your new home. 

Showcase your hobbies and interests

Many of us are bursting with talent when it comes to painting, drawing and even interior design, however we do not like showcasing our own talent. If you are an artist or photographer why not use your home to showcase your own interests. While many can feel uncomfortable to do this, it is a great way to start getting used to the idea of having your work displayed. It can even help you be discovered who knows. 

Take it step by step 

You do not need to have everything figured out on the first go so take your time with the decorations. Sometimes it takes time to find the best items to fill your home with. It might help to buy something for your home each month so you divide your expenses and gives you time to choose gradually adding to the collection.