Many modern laptops these days have enough battery life to get you through the day. However, if you’re here, then it’s obvious that your laptop battery doesn’t last long enough. Most laptops don’t come with removable batteries, so swapping out a dead one for a fully charged one isn’t an option.

Discharging when you’re busy doing something important and don’t have a charger handy can be very annoying. Here are some laptop batteries charging tips that will extend the life of your battery and extend the remaining charge for a while.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The biggest cause of battery drain on any portable device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, is the display. Decreasing screen brightness is the easiest way to reduce battery drain and increase your laptop’s battery life. The lower the brightness level, the longer you can keep working on your laptop without draining it. On Windows 10, you can open the Action Center by clicking the notification icon on the taskbar and clicking the brightness icon to customize it to suit your needs. Similarly, in Windows 7, you can launch the Windows Mobility Center and adjust the brightness. Disabling adaptive brightness and managing it manually can also save a lot of juice.

Use Battery Savers or Maintenance tools

Simply turning on battery-saver mode is one of the best tips for charging your laptop battery. Enabling this feature can tell you a lot about the state of your battery, and it will also give you another recommendation for extending battery life. Battery Saver automatically performs settings such as lowering screen brightness and limiting background activity to save battery life.

Check Applications Consuming a lot of Battery

Several apps can track the battery usage of different apps. They do this by watching CPU usage over time and then listing which programs are consuming the most power. Switching to more energy-efficient apps can significantly improve battery life. It can also remind you to close any unnecessary applications running in the background. Background apps are one of the most common things people do to slow down a laptop.

Keep it Cool

Heat is your laptop battery’s biggest enemy, and it kills it to a very large extent. Not only does this drain your battery in the short term, but it also shortens its lifespan in the long term. Cooling down your laptop can save a lot of battery life and improve its performance in the future. Keeping something portable to cool your laptop will extend the life of your laptop battery for a long time.

Avoid Full Charge

Most batteries have a finite number of charge cycles, after which their efficiency decreases. To extend battery life, you need to do two things. First, never let your laptop run out of power. Waiting for it to discharge until you connect the charger can damage the battery. Second, you should never leave your charger plugged in even after your laptop is 100% charged. Doing this for a long period will eventually damage the battery. These points are very important to remember if you are wondering how to extend the life of your laptop battery.

Kill power-hungry hardware

Along with controlling apps that are draining your battery, you should also remove any unnecessary hardware that is draining battery life. This includes turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. Review all the hardware settings you have enabled on your laptop and decide which ones you can remove for a while.

Hibernate instead of Sleep

When your laptop goes to sleep, it consumes a small amount of power to keep the RAM running. It also supports system-to-memory booting, which allows the system to wake up and resume in just a few seconds. Hibernation, on the other hand, saves the system to disk and turns off the power, consuming almost no power. If you keep your computer away for a few minutes, you can use sleep mode. But if you’re going to be not using your system for a while, keeping your system in sleep mode will save battery power.

These laptop battery charging tips will help you if you are wondering how to increase the battery life of any laptop. However, if your laptop is very old and dated, there may be little you can do to improve battery life. The only way out of this situation is to buy you a new laptop. If you are looking for a new laptop, be sure to visit your nearest Exclusive store. We have the latest line of laptops to ensure you never run out of battery.