A vinyl wrap is a terrific method to change the look of your vehicle temporarily. If you want to spice up your ride with small graphic changes, brand or promote, or go full metal wrap, current vinyl decals or vehicle graphics provide you the freedom to do so at an attractive cost. But how can you keep a vinyl wrap form fading too quickly?

Vinyl is a long-lasting substance that can last 3 years in most circumstances. However, UV rays, sulphur dioxide, bird droppings, insect splatters, and general road filth can prematurely age the vinyl wrap. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to rain or moisture (even basic car washes) can pierce the vinyl upper surface and damage the vehicle.

How Do You Clean a Car Wrap?

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is used to make vinyl automobile wraps. Plasticizers will be applied by manufacturers to increase flexibility. This property enables the materials to flex, bend, and bond easily to smooth, rounded edges. Other chemicals such as stabilizer and UV absorbers aim to safeguard against UV radiation as well as ordinary forces of nature.

However, the rest of the information is rather basic. Its main function is to add an ornamental level of safety to the vehicle’s paint finish. It is not, however, protected by a preventative finish such as automobile wax, paint sealer, or ceramics coats. This enables the water to soak through or puncture the car vinyl wrapping on occasion, causing damage to the sticky glue or coat of paint.

However, a vinyl car wrap must be washed every few weeks to keep it looking good. So, what kind of vehicle wash is advised for a car wrap?

Car Washing with Two Buckets

Experienced detailers and vehicle and truck lovers all over the world prefer this tried and proven hand washing method. It requires at least 2 buckets, 1 filled with vehicle wash water and shampoo and the other with freshwater resources and a grit guard (although many advocate for a separate or additional bucket just for cleaning rims and wheels).

The idea behind this washing approach is to eliminate any debris and dirt from the wash mitt prior spraying the car with fresh water and soap. This helps to keep the vinyl car wrap from scratching.

Is It Possible to Pressure Clean a Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicle?

Many installers of matte of glossy wraps are wary of pressure cleaning wrapped automobiles. The primary reason for this is that high pressure water can rip vinyl. If you’re planning to use a high-pressure spray to clean your vinyl covered vehicle, start with the minimal pressure tip and intensity setting.

Using a foam cannon to spray the car shampooing in ultra-suds generating way is one variation of regular high-pressure car cleaning. Allow the soap to sit for a few minutes before rinsing it away with a low-pressure nozzle with this wash procedure. Combine this procedure the with two-bucket method for extra cleaning and to protect your wrapping for a long time.