The official brochure and the IPU B.Tech 2022 qualifying criteria will be released by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU). Each candidate seeking for IPU B.Tech 2022 admission had to meet the qualifying requirements set forth by the university.

Except for B.Tech Biotechnology, which is admitted through IPU CET, GGSIPU offers admission to B.Tech courses through JEE Main scores. Students must carefully examine all of the IPU B.Tech 2022 eligibility criteria to verify that they are qualified for admission to the university. Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Industrial Internet of Things, and Automation & Robotics are among the four new B.Tech programmes offered by IPU University.

A complete guide to help you get admission

The topic of where to study became more important as the number of students leaving the country for higher education grew. When deciding where to study, various elements need to be considered in order to find the area that is most suitable for a good study experience.

The student has many, many opportunities to choose from and it is important to choose the best for learning and living. Before we decide to study, we need to consider a few important considerations, as outlined below. You can also contact the University Admissions Advisor on IP and understand the procedure.

The place is an important issue to consider when choosing a study. The student must be determined where he / she wants to study, because he / she will spend the following years there. It is important to select an area that is very suitable for future individual study and to ensure that it provides all the facilities the student needs to complete the course effectively. An IP university admission consultant can guide you in the best manner.

Before you arrive, it is helpful to take a closer look at the area and learn a little about the culture, as this will help the student to adapt quickly to the new country. IP University Consulting Services in North Delhi can help you understand the importance of the right course.


Course costs are an important issue to consider before you decide to study abroad. Due to the high costs of studying abroad, a large proportion of potential students are not looking for higher education. A student who wants to study abroad has various alternatives to financial aid, as well as many scholarship programs offered by foreign universities to potential students who demonstrate a consistent level of success on campus. Before choosing, it is important to study all your options carefully. You can look on the official website to know more about doing MBA from IP university.

Free places

A student who decides to study must consider the number of vacancies after the course, and if the student wants to live and work in the country where he / she is taking the course, he / she must do a market research. jobs and qualifications required for various professions in a related field. It is also important to consider how one will perform after completing the course and where in the world a particular skill is required.


Choosing a place to study can be difficult, but considering many factors can speed up the process and help the individual get the most out of the course.