Out of every room in your home, your bedroom is the most intimate space where you can go to retreat from everything else. It is the room that is meant for you to feel the most at ease and like you can relax without anyone else passing through freely as they would with the kitchen or living room. Because of this, you really want your bedroom to suit your tastes the best and make you feel the most welcome there, regardless of the design anywhere else in the home. In order to achieve their most ideal retreat, people will often go for a more inviting, relaxed atmosphere in their room that still feels well done. A great design for achieving this sort of look is the French countryside look. It is a style that harkens back to the older days of France along the countryside where designs for furniture and decor were simplified, but still felt stylish rather than super minimalistic.

You might find that a French country bedroom is exactly what you want to see when you come home from a long day and need to take a break in the room that feels the most welcoming. The best part is that this sort of look is fairly easy to bring to life and you do not need an interior design background in order to make it happen. You can make a statement with the design of your bedroom just by having the essential pieces of bedroom furniture in this style and it makes a huge difference. This is much more impactful to the overall look of the bedroom than smaller design elements like curtains. Start with your furniture to get that French country bedroom you are after and then see how it all comes together.

Antique Bed Frame
The bed is for sure the centerpiece of the bedroom where the eye is most likely going to fall on first. This means that it plays a large role in the overall appearance of your bedroom, so you want to find a French countryside design for your bed frame to set the style right at the center. These styles tend to be fairly simplified, with or without a footboard, so you do not have to worry about them becoming immediately overwhelming in your room’s design.

Rustic Antique Nightstand
Aside from your bed frame, you will want the rest of the furniture to keep up with the French country bedroom style as well. A vintage nightstand is an easy way to add to this because it is an inherently simple design. Often ones inspired by the French countryside styles will feature a wood finish and look very simple and fresh, so it is also just the right amount of design.

French Dresser
This is another large piece in your bedroom that can influence the overall look. For this one, you should look for a style that is similar to that of your nightstand so that everything feels consistent like all the pieces belong together. It would help if you could even find the two pieces in a set or from the same French country bedroom styled collection.

When picking out these key pieces of furniture for your bedroom, you will want to look for a store that provides many high-quality options in classic designs, including French styles. A great example of this is eloquence.com which is known for its antique inspired designs and premium construction. You should be able to find the French country bedroom furniture there individually or in a set with all of the pieces you want coming together perfectly.

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