When you first win a prize, you sometimes feel the drive to win again. However, it does make you hungry. However, compliments encourage more effort and a drive to develop and succeed. For example, Olympia offers a diverse selection of trophies and prizes for any occasion. When your home or workplace is full of trophies and medals, it may not be easy to decide how to display the honors and awards. 

However, you do not need to package it up or store it in a corner to be sure. For example, you might not be able to show off all of your hard work on a small mantle or in a small corner, so here are some great ideas for displaying your awards.

  • Showcase Your Medals

Using hanging hooks, suspend your medals from a showcase shelf. Purchase a display shelf with hanging hooks linked to a wooden strip that spans the length of the rack. Medals with ribbons may be hung from the hooks, while awards without ribbons are put above the frame. Numerous department shops and internet retailers offer them as wall shelves with coat hooks.

If your shelf is extensive and quite heavy, you may want to try hanging it using screws and plastic drywall anchors rather than nails. 

Consider how you want to display any medals that are not suitable for hanging on the hooks. For example, framing or buying display stands for your awards may be an intelligent alternative. By inserting little clips into the bottom of a wooden shelf, you can create your hanging rack. These are little hooks that may be applied by hand.

  • Make use of a sturdy frame with a fabric backing.

Remove the wood or cardboard backing from the frame and wrap it with a solid piece of cloth. Use a hot glue gun or staples to attach your fabric to the back of the frame.

If you want the frame to match your medals or the color scheme of your home:

  1. Paint it the same color as the medals or the walls.
  2. Then, reattach the frame backing to the frame after applying the fabric.
  3. Arrange the awards on the fabric surface and then use glue to adhere them to the cloth.
  • Inscriptions

Award plaques are the ideal method to commemorate accomplishments. They are simple to display and cleverly arranged to highlight various achievements or build a wall of fame. They are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors and are ideal. They are available in modern styles with hardwood or chrome-plated rods. It may be modified to meet specific requirements, with even the names etched in various font styles. It may be a fascinating presentation approach in both professional and informal settings.

  • Put the Medals on Display in a Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are ideal for military medals that are pin-mounted rather than ribbon-hung. The shadow box features a cloth backing on which your medals get pinned. Attach the fabric using straight pins. You should avoid using staples or glue since they might cause harm to your priceless military awards. The awards received from work, like employee of the month awards, can be displayed.

  • Glass Cases for Your Medals

Inside a glass jar, display your medals. Purchase a big, lidded glass jar. Arrange your awards so that they face outward within the jar. If medallions are linked to lengthy ribbons, gather them and draw them to the center of the jar as you continue layering your medals down the inside of the glass.

It is an excellent alternative if you’d rather not hang your medals. The jar fits nicely on a table or bookshelf. Consider stringing a string of battery-operated LED lights around the jar to illuminate your show. These lights are available in the home décor departments of retailers such as Target.

  • Extraordinary room

You may allocate a small area for awards. You want to feel proud when you allow others to enter the renowned chamber. A bookcase is an excellent alternative for award display ideas with a vintage feel. Though it is a basic approach, it is convenient and straightforward to implement. For example, the bookshelf design may take the shape of a tree, a zig-zag pattern, a deer’s head, or even something built entirely of water pipes. Crochet hangings might be made and hung on the edge of the shelf.

There are several options for displaying your awards. Be inventive. Please choose one of the options above or combine them. Be proud of your accomplishments and display them prominently in your house or workplace. It would be best to go over and above to create the ideal display environment for your medals.