What is the importance of tyre maintenance? 

Do you ever realise that Fast & Furious can never be reimagined in practical life? It would be called slow and stalled for obvious reasons. From vagabonds to vendors and potholes to a plethora of people, roads are home to all possible traffic perturbations.  

Amidst this hubbub, it is impossible to realise the importance of tyre maintenance. But as we say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It is inevitable that we pay extra care for the maintenance of our tyres. 

Why is the importance of tyre maintenance so crucial? 

To realise the importance of tyre maintenance, let us reimagine our cars like our own bodies for a while. We might feed ourselves with nutritious food to provide good quality fuel to our engines that are metabolic processes but as long as our feet are of poor quality, our efficiency would be the lowest. So, good tyre health is the foremost condition, a prerequisite for a ride, irrespective of its automotive origin.  

Now let us quickly hop on to a few official numbers before we proceed further with our discussion. Statistically speaking 1,214 road accidents happen each day in India. Two-wheelers account for 25% of total road crash deaths. 20 children, under the age of 14, die every day due to road crashes in India. 377 people die every day, equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing.  

These statistics are not just scary but ghastly and abhorrent. It is authentic proof that shouts why road safety and most particularly tyre maintenance in India is so crucial at this point in time. Nobody wants to lose a life to something as trivial as a road accident yet nobody is willing to take precautions that could prevent road accidents and make these numbers look a little less bad. 

Important tips for tyre maintenance 

Given below are a few checkpoints that you can go through in order to maintain excellent tyre conditions even in this mayhem: 

  • Tyre pressure – Check your tyre pressure at least once per month and especially before a long trip. Not having enough air in your tyres can lead to a flat tyre, blowout, or the tread coming off your tyre. Proper inflation of your tyres can also save your money. Usually partially inflated tyres tend to drag the vehicle which causes the engine to burn more fuel and your expenses. So remember to inflate your tires properly next time. 
  • During wet weather, slow down – Monsoon is the most bothersome weather as far as tyre maintenance is concerned. Hot and humid weather conditions are not the most optimum circumstances for tyres as it may lead to a lot of unwanted wear and tear. 

Water clogged road slows down your driving speed naturally. It is advised to drive at a slower pace on wet roads too and to understand the reason let us break into our concepts of physics for a while. As your speed decreases, the area of tyre surface in contact with the road at a given moment increases, which provide a better grip and also reduces wear and tear. So, slow down on the wet roads for a safe drive and healthy tyres. 

  • Check your vehicle alignment periodically – Tyre alignment is one such attribute that is most likely to go wrong under very natural circumstances.  

It is important to have an automotive professional check your tyre alignment if you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road when you’re driving. An unbalanced tyre and wheel assembly may also result in irregular wear of the tyre. Hence, one must be extra cautious both on as well as off the roads. Who knows paying attention to these minor details might be a life saviour someday? 

  • Make sure you do not overload your vehicle because it can create excessive heat inside your tyres. An overloaded vehicle puts stress on tyres that can cause damage and lead to tyre failure.  

Once we keep all of this in mind, absolutely nothing can keep us from a sweet, happy and healthy ride. Tyre maintenance, in general, might take you an extra mile but it will all be worth it in the long run.  

 Accessories For Car Exterior 

There are a thousand accessories or more that can help you maintain your tyres. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Tyre inflators 
  • Tyre gauges  
  • Car foot pumps 
  • Air compressors  
  • Rims  
  • Substitute tyres  

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Remember to keep your tyres in check, whether it is the tyre pressure or alignment, accuracy of every little detail today can prevent every terrible accident tomorrow. Monsoon has been, is and will always be the worst enemy of your tyres so remember to take all the necessary precautions. 

In the end, we hope this article proved to be useful for you in some manner. We put our best foot forward in highlighting the criticality of importance of tyre maintenance and we hope it was a successful venture. Remember good maintenance proves to be an aid in the very long run for automobiles.  

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