Invite Your Friends and Family on Halloween with Invitation Boxes

Without friends and family occasions are boring. They are part and parcel of every event. To invite them to any function to make it memorable we have to need invitations. Custom invite boxes play a very vital role in this regard. It is not that era where you can just send a simple envelope with an invitation card in it. Now there is a great revolution in it. People use different styles of invitation boxes that increase the value of their invitation and make the other person feel valued. On this occasion of Halloween, you can invite your beloveds differently that can be remembered by them for a long time.

invitation boxes

Excite your guests with stunning and unique invitation boxes. These are not just consisting of the invitation card, as the envelopes hold in the past, but you can also add some gifts in it to make it different. Make it unique with your creative ideas. For this, you can avail of the services of our experts. The best invitation will make your party talk of the town and make the others excited to come.

These invite boxes can be used on different occasions to invite the guests, like a birthday, Baby Shower, or any Halloween event, wedding, any other party.

Choose the Best Style to Invite Your Guests on this Halloween:

Attract the guests by spooky Halloween design of invite boxes. Invitation boxes are of different styles you can choose any design of your choice and need. ICB offers an unbeatable variety and its little glimpse is as follows:

• Two-piece

• 1 2 3 auto bottom boxes

• Front tuck

• Tray and sleeve boxes, and many more

Choose any of them and design them according to your wish. You can use a cool feature of window die-cut in it to show the hunted house or to make a dark cave. It will allow the other person to have direct look at your precious invitation and the item you put in the invite box, which might be a peeled olive that you can use as an eyeball, boiled cauliflower that can be used as brains, and many other things that can give a Halloween touch to your boxes. This innovative idea of invitation will leave a good impression on the guests, and they remember your invitation for a long time.

Choose the perfect size for your games boxes as it is up to you what size you want. The size of the boxes should be according to the size of the invitation card. So that it would be easy to take off. The dimension of the box should be according to the card.

Spread Fear Among Guests With Scary Text

Spooky text on the invitation card will make your guests surprised. If you are looking to customize your invite boxes with a different style, or you want to give a scary look by using scary text then you must need to consult with the customizing company. At ICB you can get the assistance of experts who can make your boxes appealing and an exact match to your Halloween party.

To print scary text, we are offering advanced printing technologies that can enhance its charm. Get 2D, 3D, digital printing facilities here. Not just these but also offset and screen printing. Our professional knows how to design your boxes and give them a scary touch. We can make your event memorable by providing you, your desired invite boxes.

The Best Color Scheme for the Invite Boxes

For making the invite boxes suitable or match with your party theme we are using CMYK and PMS color schemes to give a cheerful color to your boxes. If you do not like to design any picture or anything on the boxes you can just use black and orange colors. Children and adults also like bright colors and this is also a perfect option to give a Halloween touch to the invite boxes. Give a mysterious look to your boxes with the dark colors. Using dark colors with a perfect color scheme is tricky. You can take the help of our experts in this regard who have experience of years.

Add Your Halloween Party Details on the Invitation Boxes

Give a professional look to your invitation boxes. You can mention party details on it. As a date, venue, and time, etc. it is the perfect way to inform the guests about your party details. It will help them to reach easily, and it will also enhance the value of your invitation. You can avail yourself of the opportunity of amazing printing for this purpose. If you want to give a prominent look to any name on the boxes then embossing is the perfect option for it. Furthermore, you can also get the facility of raised ink and silver or gold foiling. It will make your boxes tempting.  

Make Your Boxes for invitations Error-Free

Now comes towards the manufacturing material that is the most important thing. Using fragile material has a bad impression on the receiver, or it might damage the inside item or your invitation card. To make the boxes for invitations sturdy or durable companies mostly use cardboard or corrugated. These are not just durable or reliable but also safe for the environment. These are also recyclable.

These materials can keep the item safe from humidity, moisture, or other harmful environmental factors. Besides these, you can also use Kraft paper that is also one of the best manufacturing materials. The best thing about all these materials is that they can be used for any kind of printing.

Where You Can Get

Many customizing companies in the market are providing their services regarding customizing invitation boxes. But finding the best one is always confusing. iCustom Boxes is one of the best and well-reputed places where you can get your ideal invite boxes at reasonable prices. Finding both things quality and low prices is not easy. Now you can get these both things under the same roof. Get your desired invitation boxes in any color, design, and size in any manufacturing material of your choice and make this Halloween party memorable for everyone.