CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for a wide range of dog health conditions. It offers benefits from anxiety relief to pain control, as well as many other specialized benefits like reducing seizures.

Naturally, you may wonder if choosing a dog food that is formulated with CBD would be a good thing to consider for your dog. Here are some tips to help you decide whether CBD dog food is a good idea and some great alternatives to CBD dog food.

Why CBD Dog Food May Not be the Best Option

CBD Needs to be Given in Controlled Doses

CBD must be given in particular doses depending on your dog’s weight and the strength of the dose you want to administer. A dosing calculator can be a great way to determine exactly how much your dog should be getting.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to provide exact doses if the CBD is worked directly into your dog’s food. If your dog doesn’t finish their food for the day or if you’d like to give them a little bit extra on a particularly active day, you could end up miscalculating their CBD dosage.

CBD Must be Protected From Light and Air

In order for a high-quality CBD supplement like those available from Innovet Pet to remain effective, it should be protected from light and air. Quality companies like Innovet package their CBD oil in bottles or containers that block the light and do a good job of protecting the formula from air.

On the other hand, if CBD is put directly into dog food, protecting it from light and air can be a lot more challenging. Many of us like to put our dog food into transparent or translucent containers that allow us to see how much food is left, which means that the CBD would be exposed to light. Furthermore, the food is exposed to the air every time you open the container.

Not All CBD Has the Same Quality

CBD is not well-controlled by any third party, which means that you need to choose a company that you can trust. Unfortunately, many products that claim to offer quality CBD do not have as much CBD as they claim to have, and they may also contain things you don’t want in your pet’s supplements, such as heavy metals.

Since dog food typically needs to be cooked at fairly high temperatures in order to be shelf-stable, it is even less likely than other products to contain the correct dosages of quality CBD. You need to choose CBD products that are tested by a third-party lab and use organic CBD. It is very unlikely to find these sorts of products in dog food.

Your Dog Food May Have Specific Requirements

Whether you are shopping for dog food for a specific breed of dog or life stage such as puppies or older dogs, you probably are considering a range of factors when choosing the right food for your dog. Your pet’s activity level, health concerns, age, and more all help determine the dog food that you choose.

Unfortunately, you will find much less selection in dog foods that contain CBD than you do in general from quality brands, which means that you may struggle to find the right dog food for your dog’s needs if you limit yourself to options that contain CBD.

What Should You Use Instead of Dog Food to Give Your Dog CBD?

Thankfully, you’ll be glad to know that there are many ways to give your dog the many benefits of CBD without choosing a dog food that is formulated with CBD. Here are some great options to consider:

●     Dose your dog’s food with CBD oil. Do you want to have the convenience of only feeding your dog their daily bowl of kibble or home-cooked food, but you also want them to have access to CBD? Choosing a very high-quality CBD oil and using a dropper to put the right amount into your dog’s food each day is a perfect solution.

●     Give your dog CBD treats. Treats that have CBD incorporated into the formula are a great way to give your dog all of the benefits of CBD as well as having precise dosage. This will surely be a part of your dog’s daily routine that they will enjoy.

●     Make your own CBD treats. If your dog has specific dietary requirements or you just like to make a treat that they will particularly enjoy, incorporating CBD oil into your own treats is a great solution.

Give Your Dog CBD Safely and Effectively

CBD has a wide range of health benefits, but dog food may not be the best way to deliver it. Try a CBD treat or buy quality CBD oil and make your own treats or add it to your dog’s food to give your dog CBD.