We all want a healthy and fit body a few times. But you can’t cut your excess fat overnight, it takes time. People use dangerous fast weight loss medicine for fast results and even they don’t do any kind of exercises. But you know one thing that a healthy diet plan with proper and regular workouts are best for losing weight rather than taking any weight loss medicines. All things have their own time, you didn’t manage the time. Weight loss takes a long time; if you want to change your figure very suddenly and quickly, it can be very dangerous. You may face so many health problems. Doctors always prefer a healthy weight loss that means losing overall 1kg in a week is good for health. Don’t burn more than 500 calories in a day.

In this article, we will show you that a healthy and slow weight loss is better than a rapid or fast weight loss. Here are some effects of rapid weight loss:

Your body didn’t get important nutrients:

When you lose your weight very quickly you focus on one food to lose little fat and ignore other nutrients. Even it is important to take all nutrients with the right amount of fiber, protein and carbs. So when you take a few amounts of food you also avoid the protein, vitamins and minerals and you have so many problems such as brittle nails and hair, hair loss, weakened bones, loss of energy, loss of immunity, extreme fatigue. So choose the right plan instead of fast.

Reduces metabolism rate:

Suppose you need 3000 calories in a day but you cut 1200 calories so you take lower calories. But burning more than 500 calories reduces your metabolism rate. If your metabolism gets slow you might gain more weight after some time.

Loss muscle:

When you continuously burn more than 500 calories you lose muscle instead of fat. When your body does not get the calories for the energy they need, they cut calories from your muscle for bringing energy. Losing muscle burns less calories but reduces your health. For not doing this take lean protein, take enough calories, lift some weights.


When you drink more water to fill your stomach for losing weight; the first two weeks you feel the difference but after that you will be dehydrated. For dehydration you face so many health problems such as headache, muscle cramp, energy loss, and constipation.