Erectile dysfunction, or ED in its expanded form, is a well-known term. It’s a sexual disorder that causes dissatisfaction in the female partner.

The corona is a topic that you will hear about in the current situation. Before the introduction of the virus, anyone could have asked men from any country about the most troubling disorder. Most of them would have answered ED.

Even college students were terrified of ED. The severity of the disease has changed with the passage of time. The majority of patients were older than 40, but the gap is now below 30.

Erectile Dysfunction can be a sign of a problem with the penis ability to erect during sexual intercourse. However, the reasons for this disorder are not just physical but also psychological.

What is the relationship between sexual health and mental health?

Both physical and mental health is important factors in sexual health. To achieve exceptional sexual performance, you must be mentally and physically healthy.

This is why disorders like ED occur.

ED occurs when the penis doesn’t erect when the girlfriend or wife is ready to swing. The blood flow to the penis determines the rate of penis erection at stimulation. The penis will not erect if the blood flow to the penis is disrupted or stopped for any reason.

To get the penis to erect, you must first get sexually stimulated. Your sexual desire will determine whether you are aroused or seduced. It is common knowledge that sexual interest can only be developed if one is mentally healthy.

Are you aware of any depressed person looking for sex in public? No tension or worries will make you want to sex. People who don’t know enough about sexuality may think that their mental health is unrelated to sexual performance.

Additional reasons to get ED


Higher stress levels and addictions can also be a reason for someone being diagnosed with ED.

First, Smoking. Despite warnings and advertisements on wrappers, people continue to smoke these cigarettes. The quality of blood is reduced and blood supply is affected by smoking. This reduces oxygen supply to the organs, making them less efficient.

A non-smoker is more fulfilling than a regular smoker for the same reasons. Smoking puts you at risk of your health and the lives of those around you. Inhaling smoke from others is also a risk. Choose between a happy sexual life and being a heart patient.

Penile injuries

As we discussed, blood flow to the penile region is what makes the erect. It is possible that you have suffered serious injuries to the blood vessels of your penis.

This will prevent blood from entering the penis when stimulation is performed, and eventually no erection will occur. If the blood vessels are not severely damaged, surgery can be performed to correct the situation. If the blood vessels are severely damaged, it can lead to permanent ED.

Side effects of other medications

It is possible that you have another condition and are currently being treated. You may experience ED while on a drug that is being prescribed for your condition.

This type of ED is temporary so don’t worry. The ED will disappear as soon as the medication is withdrawn.

Yes. However, if you have ED symptoms after taking the medication, it is important to contact your doctor immediately.

How can you get cured?

There are many steps that you can take in order to cure Erectile Dysfunction. Each method takes patience and time. People believe that ED pills cause a penis to erect as soon as it is swallowed.

This is how they judge pills.

You can order from during lockdown to get pills such as Fildena 100, Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20, These pills can only be taken after a consultation with a doctor.

To get a permanent treatment for ED, one must also make lifestyle changes. Otherwise, the effects on ED will only be temporary.

Do yoga every day, quit smoking, and get enough sleep for 7-8 hours each night to reduce stress levels. This will make you more cheerful at the beginning of the day.