In today’s world, everything is moving in fast-forward mode with technology. We have also gone through the hardest time of our lives during the global pandemic. One thing that connected us was the Internet. The Internet has taken a huge significance in our lives. Now, think of a course with which you can develop your career in networking. Does this sound interesting to you?

Here come the Cisco Certified Networking Associate courses to make your dream of a networking career come true. After completing the CCNA courses, you’ll be able to hone the skills of networking and secure a promising job. Keep reading to know more about these courses.

Why should you choose CCNA courses?

Choosing a course that provides Cisco certification means that the international level of the curriculum will be set for you. That, in turn, would ensure speedy growth in your networking career.

Some of the advantages of joining Cisco CCNA certification are:

  • There are absolutely no prerequisites for joining the course. That means you can join these courses just after completing your 10+2 or post your graduation. You can avail of the course even if you have or don’t have prior knowledge of IT. However, some prior experience in IT would be a cherry on the cake.
  • Since an international company designs these certifications, you’ll have worldwide acceptance of your skills. The leading MNCs are in constant search of CCNA certified professionals. These courses will also keep you ahead of the competition and boost your career growth.
  • After getting the CCNA training, you will get better job opportunities. If you are already employed, then this course will help you sail through the annual appraisals. 

What will I learn after joining the CCNA course?

The CCNA coursescarry a validity of 3 years. You can reap the benefit of career growth in this duration. After the validity expiry, you can renew the course, or else opt for a higher level CCNA course.

A CCNA certified professional will be able to establish the network with the remote websites with the help of WAN. He will understand and eliminate system security threats and also be aware of the fundamentals of system administration and the jargon. The CCNA certification aspirant would be made familiar with the topics like,

  • IP routing technologies
  • Network device security
  • Deep learning of IPv6, 
  • LAN switching technologies
  • IP services (NAT, ACLS, DHCP, FHRP, Syslog, SNMP v2 and v3)
  • WAN technologies, etc.

What kind of jobs can you achieve with these courses?

Once you take and qualify the exams like ICND1 (100-101), ICND2 (200-101), Combined CCNA (200-120), or CCNA 200-301, you will be able to grab the jobs like,

  • System Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Network Administrator
  • IT Manager or 
  • IT Director

How much will the certification and the course cost you?

You can enroll for a CCNA course online that suits your experience or needs. Institutes are having experienced faculty updated curricula that provide the training as per international standards.

The CCNA certification cost can be between 300 to 350 USD per attempt. The institutes that provide you with all the training and teaching have their fee structure. Each course varies from one another and provides you with different levels of knowledge and skillsets in its course structure. Therefore, the fee structure also varies from course to course. You can compare the websites of such institutes that provide you with these courses and check CCNA course fees. 


CCNA courses are the most searched and the most popular IT and Networking courses. Certainly, these courses are in high demand because of the job growth opportunities they open. The CCNA certified professionals have better chances of appraisals and increments.

Some companies have mandated the CCNA certification as a criterion for their IT jobs. If you are among those who are inclined to acquire IT or networking skills, then you should consider a CCNA course to begin with. Right from setting a strong foundation for your career, you bag a plethora of job opportunities. Such a course will undoubtedly make you competent to lead a promising career.