MA or master’s in arts is a post-graduate program offered to those students who have completed their graduation. MA is offered in various specializations. If you want to become a journalist, social worker, teacher, psychologist, etc, MA is the course for you.

Lovely Professional University distance MA program imparts students with skills and knowledge in their selected specialization to help them pursue their careers.

MA is usually a 2-year program that can be completed as a full-time course, correspondence, or as a distance education course.

Lovely Professional University distance MA program is for those students who want to pursue full-time jobs while completing their education, many full-time mothers and stay-at-home parent also opt for this to start their career again. Distance education is an old concept that got popular during the Covid-19 pandemic to encourage students to move to online classes as all colleges are closed to restrict the outbreak of the virus. Distance education is also beneficial to students with physical disabilities, as they can’t visit the campus regularly.

Below are some of the most popular MA specializations offered by the Lovely Professional University distance MA program.

  • MA Economics
  • MA English
  • MA Political Science
  • MA Public Administration
  • MA International Relations.
  • MA Politics
  • MA History
  • MA Sociology
  • MA Philosophy
  • MA Anthropology
  • MA Social Work

Eligibility of the course-

  • The candidate must have completed his graduation favourably in BA, but students from other courses can enroll as well.
  • An undergraduate degree should be from a university that is recognized by the University Grants Commission of India.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 55% aggregate in their undergraduate degree.
  • Many universities ask for an entrance exam. Candidates must have at least the minimum percentage required the university, but some universities don’t require this.


The syllabus is different for every specialization. The subjects you get varies on the specialization you chose. Candidates may check the university’s website to get the syllabus according to their specialization.

Advantages of Distance Education

Lovely Professional University distance MA course has many advantages which makes it much more popular than any normal MA course.

  1. Location friendly– Distance education is location friendly, which means you can enroll and study from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop, PC with a strong internet connection.
  2. low cost- As students don’t have to visit the university or use any of their campus facilities, which saves the university money. Which makes the fees of students in distance learning programs much lesser than any normal everyday course.
  3. Saves time– Distance education saves a slot of time because students don’t have to travel to college or take part in any function or festival in the university which saves them a lot of time. Students can study on the weekends or late nights, it’s their choice till they complete their assignments regularly.

Jobs and placements

Lovely Professional University distance MA program offers placements after the completion of the program. Many well-known companies visit LPU every year to hire candidates for their companies.

LPU prepares its students for interviews and any test the company may take. Keep in mind that job will be offered according to the specialization you chose and your skills.