Most likely, curiosity in Forex trading and online trading has brought you to this article. People tend to strive for the best all the time. Be it for a business venture or online trading, attaining success in these fields is very much self-assuring. A whole bunch of traders mostly prefer Forex mainly due to its exciting features and advantages. But why is Forex the best market to trade? Different traders have their own sort of explanation for picking forex as the best market to trade and why you should use MetaTrader 4. Below are the top 8 reasons why Forex is considered the top market amidst the pool of other options out there.

1. Volatility

The ways to make money online through trading is simple. You acquire an asset for a price that’s favorable on your side. Then you get rid of the asset by the time the price goes up. Volatility is the key to this. As the market becomes more volatile, a lot of opportunities open up whether you want to acquire or sell the asset.

As for the Forex market, the volatility here is quite great. You can constantly see the movement of prices every day. Traders tend to search for a volatile market as well as volatile instruments for trading. Because of this, Forex trading is considered the most sought-after market nowadays.

2. Growth

No one is born to be an experienced trader. Success in Forex takes time to materialize. But when that time comes, a new world full of great opportunities will open up for you.

3. Accessibility

Though volatility is known to be the best reason behind the growing popularity of Forex, it is also important to consider its accessibility as one of its advantages. The Forex market is known to be one of the most accessible markets for online trading. Also, you can start trading with as little as 100 USD.

4. Technology

Indeed, advancement in technology took away all the hassle we have in our lives. But aside from making our lives more convenient and easy, the advancement of technology also brought great things in the Forex market. Nowadays, there are regular updates for the software you use for trading, there are add-ons and plugins that are very helpful to traders, all of these are made possible, thanks to the technology that we have today.

5. Possibilities

The simple rule of Forex trading is to buy an asset for a low price and sell it at a much higher price. But with Forex, there are a lot of possibilities. You can even sell an asset without actually owning them.

6. Regulation

Different countries have set their own regulations when it comes to Forex trading. This means that every transaction you make is heavily monitored.

7. Free Demo Accounts

Most Forex brokers offer free demo accounts that new traders can utilize. This is a very good starting point in gaining experience and knowledge about trading.

8. Bonuses

The freebies in the Forex market doesn’t end with a free demo account. Other bonuses are given particularly for those traders who deposit money upon opening a trading account, particularly in MetaTrader 4. Facebook