With time, medical expenses have increased many folds, and that’s why people opt for medical insurance to get the best treatment in reputed hospitals to cure the ailments. But it’s seen like hospitals/healthcare institutes create a list of treatment offered to the patient and send it to the insurance company for claim settlement. The claim authorizers know every bit about the ailment and its expenses, know the specific treatment required.

There’s a team of licensed and experienced professionals who can offer much-needed assistance in medical billing authentication. They possess tremendous skills of using analytical tools with in-hand experience to examine the bills considering medical practice cost index and various physician fee schedule indexes in specific areas of the United States.

The billing authorization experts have immense knowledge of reading contracts and understand the same easily. The reputed insurance company has expert attorney liens who work for the client’s interest and file pleas against accusers or suspects who play a big part in creating a huge bill on the client’s name, having huge errors that include overcharging and surprise billing.

The medical billing and coding experts scrutinize the medical bills thoroughly to ensure the client is charged properly for the services offered. Our significant efforts help to come across several errors upon review that considerably lower down the medical health bill of your clients.

They have professionals who have complete knowledge about medical billing and coding, which is essential to review the billings sent by healthcare institutes. This expert medical billing and coding system help to give a complete screening of every healthcare service. Our professional medical coders are highly experienced in healthcare management and administration procedures, including careful document reviews, medical analysis, and expert insurance verification. We have expert knowledge about explaining benefits/payments to the concerned person who raises questions.

Expert 1st, 2nd & Level of Appeals are procedures for the re-examination of disputed claim or charge. We consider re-examination upon checking the issues in the documentation that has been sent to us for reconsideration. At MMB Consulting LLC, our experts know what steps have to be taken as per the 1st, 2nd & other Levels of Appeals.

It’s evident that healthcare has evolved many folds compared to before, and you need to be on the same track to keep an edge over competitors. It’s all about improving efficiency and ensuring you get the optimum returns for your business and investment, which is an important aspect altogether.

MMB Consulting LLC is there to make it possible for you as the right partner with the expert professionals and take the burden of scrutinizing medical documentation as we have expertise in it.

Your expert’s efficiency will be enhanced with the work they perform at best and focus on other aspects like taking care of patients and other essential responsibilities which were not fulfilled due to Medical Billing & Coding work

Several benefits are selecting the best insurance company for expert medical billing and coding analysis. MMB Consulting LLC has an expert team with

  • Expert Knowledge of Explanation of Benefits/Payments
  • Extensive Knowledge of Reading Contracts
  • Expert Revenue Cycle Management
  • Expert 1st, 2nd & Level of Appeals
  • Expert Payment Posting
  • Expert Self Pay Accounts Receivable
  • Expert Verification of Insurance

How can we help you?

For HospitalHelp You in Practice
Create a Streamlined process to achieve the outcomeFulfill complex reimbursement requirements
Offer support with outsourcing functionsWork as a partner and share the responsibilities
Provide essential help from the certified expertsTo make the reimbursement cycle seamless
Get the Optimum work from your staffStreamline Billing workflow
Identify Issues and improve performance


For HospitalsFor Physician Practices
MMB Consulting partnership for system expertiseA Licensed and Experienced Billing Expert
Improvised reporting and analyticsTop-Notch Collection processes
Meet Your Unique NeedsAstounding Technology Stack
A dedicated team for a standardized approachCore Analysis of Revenue Cycle