While modern technologies enable attackers to take control of another person’s vehicle in
seconds, it also aids in the detection of theft. Installing anti-theft devices onto a motorcycle is
always known to work. But how do you use them?
Before you figure out the installation process, one important thing to consider is learning the
features of your chosen motorcycle tracking device. Once you know what it can do, it will be
easier to maximize its use.
Here are the specialized features of an ideal tracking device.

  1. Easy installation
    Modern trackers will not need special skills to have them installed. Neither will it require
    you of wiring knowledge or special tools. You just have to connect your tracker with a
    mobile app, attach the device to a secured place on your bike, and you are good to go.
  2. Long battery life
    Trackers need to be recharged to ensure their working capability while you are on the
    road. There are ones that will not need recharging so often as reliable batteries should
    last for a long time, others a year. Trackers should support low power consumption
    modes to have only minimal battery drain while being used. The tracker must have a fast
    charging feature and power-saving mode to preserve battery life.
  3. International eSIM card
    The fun of being a rider is that you can travel as far north or south as possible. So to
    ensure the safety and security of your motorcycle, you should install a tracker that works
    in many countries. One that can work even when you are in North America or Europe
  4. Automatic battery disconnection
    Another feature of the best tracker is that it does not have to run its battery
    independently. When the motorcycle’s ignition is turned on, the tracker connects to it.
    The tracker uses its battery only when the bike’s ignition is turned off. It is an economical
    way to lengthen its battery life.
  5. Mobile phone and tracker connection
    The purpose of having a tracker is to inform the owner that there is an unauthorized
    movement of his bike while it is out of his sight. While other trackers send text messages

or emails to the owners, the best bike protection is the one that gives calls, so the owner
is immediately notified.
Now given the features, this is how you can easily use the device.

  1. Conceal the tracker
    The device must be hidden securely on your motorcycle, but ensure that the antenna
    points up to get a good signal. If the tracker is hidden and hard to find, you have better
    chances of recovering your bike.
  2. Disarm with the key fob
    Tracking devices often need manual disarming, but some brands automatically disarm
    using a key fob. You don’t have to press any buttons. If it detects the key fob, it means
    you are somewhere near, so it is disarmed.
  3. Receive alarms and notifications
    Since the tracker detects the key fob, any movement without it nearby would send a
    signal to the alarm. But before it does, it tries to detect the key fob one last time. If
    nothing is detected, it is already in alarm mode, and you will receive a notification if there
    is sufficient movement or vibration from your bike.
  4. Receive calls and GPS coordinates
    Using the tracker is easy. It is plug-and-play. You do not need technical configuration to
    receive calls or GPS coordinates. Once your motorcycle moves without the key fob, you
    will receive a notification call. Some trackers send GPS coordinates regularly and send
    you the final coordinates if it detects no movement after 30 minutes.
    Getting a motorcycle is exciting, especially if you are the adventurous type. It is also a helpful
    vehicle if you want to go to places quickly without enduring much traffic. Being so, keeping it
    safe from theft by using a tracking device should be a priority.